Monday, 4 October 2010

My Good News!

I'm opening a market stall!!!!! I just had to blurt it out! It has been a looooooong road, I greatly appreciate that you have been along with me for the journey.
From toiling about what to do to raising money on ebay to fund the insurance to waiting and waiting and waiting... AND FINALLY - I will be a seller at Chester Market! 

Chester has had a Public Market since the 12th Century, its roots steeped in history from early Roman times! According to the Chester Market website: 
Chester Market used to be situated on Northgate Street next to the Town Hall, where it traded for over 100 years before moving to the current  site in Princess Street in 1967. The lively city of Chester, is steeped in history and, and has been attracting shoppers looking for bargains for thousands of years.
I've shopped at Chester Market often but I never thought about it's history. Now I'm going to be part of it as seller, pretty amazing really.
I have plenty of stock, but I've been making too just to be sure that I've got something to offer. I thought you might like a sneak peak....maybe???
Special Mother of the Bride Necklace. 

My fave earrings - 1930s rose beads. swoon. 

Vintage Button Cuff on wool felt. 

Vintage Button cuff on elastic.

Vintage Button cuff on elastic. Believe it or not these cuffs take over a hour to make!


this one is made of teeny tiny buttons, vintage of course!

because we're all a little bit funky ;)

a very romantic charm bracelet of all vintage charms and beads!

Night Sky charm bracelet with vintage and recycled components.

I've really enjoyed making treasures for the market. I love having a goal! It helps me push myself. Because you're my friend, if you see anything you'd like to be yours I'll give you first dibs! Just let me know in a comment and I'll make up an etsy listing for you! {except the MOB necklace, that is reserved already!}

I am so happy to be sharing this news with you! I'd better go get scrubbed up! I'm headed into town to see my stall and take measurements! eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Love, Love, LOVE!


  1. hi felicia! how happy i'm for you! my best best best wishes! meanwhile i got the keys of my new house and my bed and breakfast will be true as soon as i wish! i'm expecting you and and hubby here! huges

  2. Oh, yayyyy!!!! Congratulations- how exciting! And I totally believe you that those cuffs take over an hour to make--mine take me forever!!

  3. Yay :D Congratulations! Can't wait to hear more once you're actually there selling your pretties. x

  4. Beautiful Felicia,

    Congratulations. This is wonderful news indeed. You are going to have so much fun and make the world prettier in the process. I am wishing you all the luch in the world.

    love love,

  5. what exciting news . . . best of luck with it all!!


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