Monday, 18 October 2010

Mondays Are For Admin.

Ok. I admit it. I'm one of those people who actually enjoy administrative jobs. I love organising. I love filling in paperwork. It's ok, I've come to terms with the fact that I'm a total weirdo!

Today has been non-stop admin stuff. Paying bills, emailing website guys, researching vintage goodies for my stall, booking our train tickets for our trip home in Dec. and a new trick Electronic System for Travel Authorisation. My sweet Hus can't just come on in to the US of A without this new thing.I feel like I haven't left this computer all day....I haven't actually!


Wanna see some pics of my stall?

I'm already looking forward to Thursday when I get to go back! I am surprised by the fact that the majority of my customers are little grannies. Normally my audience is made up of teenage girls, so this is a real switch! I so enjoy the conversations and unsolicited advice! Grandmothers, especially mine, give the best advice.
When I spoke to my Grandmother before my trip to Kenya she gave me the most wonderful advice I had or ever have received. I'll share it with you now:

"You're going to see lots of wild animals out there. Maybe even a lion. You're going to want to touch them. Don't. Don't touch the lions. They're very dangerous."

PLEASE share with us what the best advice you've ever been give has been. Solicited or not ;)
It doesn't have to be good sound advice mind you! 

By the way the photographer is my cute Hus. He ain't just a pretty face y'all! :)


  1. hey, this is looking really good!

  2. My Grandnan use to say
    "catch more flies with honey than lemons" I think the actual saying is "with honey than vinegar" but it seems prettier this way.
    We love proverbs in our family. But she is right, things go better when you sugar them up.

  3. True Heather! I am living proof!
    Thanks so much Whitney-Anne! I hope to grow and grow my little stall! I've been making rings and as soon as I can tear myself away from this computer I'll be cutting out hearts and flowers for some more treasures to go up for sale!


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