Thursday, 7 October 2010

A few party pix

Well, still no word from the professional photographer so I'll show you what I have from Jayne's party. I took these quickly as I was laying the table and getting ready for people to arrive...and trying to get dressed at the same time!
I wish I'd not had a full memory card! I wanted to take so many more photos...but I was busy being hostess, 1950s style! 


 So there we go! Paper Chains, circle chains, vintage paper doily bunting, carrot cake, apple pie, lemon cured filled cupcakes, salted chocolate shortbread, sausage rolls (vegetarian ones too!) and lots of dainty little sandwiches with no crusts! Mmmm!

The party was so much fun! I slept really well that night!

Hope you enjoy the photos x


  1. oh absolutely georgeous!! My mouth is watering just looking at the pictures and I love the decorations. I'm sure everyone had a wonderful time!

  2. Id love a piece of that carrot cake is there any left?

  3. may i take a cupcake;???????? huges


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