Friday, 15 October 2010

“Don’t give up on your art!”

I've got some incredible sister friends. You know the ones. The ones who know my heart so well that they just get it.
No words or explanations required. Heck, being in the same town or country isn't even required these days.
Some times they just hit the nail so precisely on the head that I am boggled by how they can understand what I am feeling when I am feeling it when we don't speak on a regular basis. These girls are my soul mates.

If you sometimes feel like throwing in the towel. If you sometimes run outta steam, please, please read this, sent to me by a soul sister. I can pretty much promise you inspiration...

Everyday, in my line of work, I wake up and judge myself by a number.  When that number is elevated, I get this feeling of safety, control, and permanence.  It washes over me like a warm bath.  But then a new day comes, and who knows what it brings.

On the surface these moments happen once a day, when in reality, they’re occurring all the time.  They serve as a constant reminder of change, and at times, I drive myself crazy with the roller coaster ride.
One day you’re on top of the world – maybe your book of business is full, or you land a new job, or hit your own “number”.  And you feel fantastic.

Problem is…you can’t stay there.

This very fact can free you or keep you broken.  And in all honesty, I’m still fighting the battle.  But like it or not, each moment is a new moment.

My seven-year old son recently worked on a painting project in school.  While painting, he looked at the other students work and decided his painting didn’t cut it.  His conclusion – “I hate art and I’m not doing it any longer.” We have literally had to intervene so he would participate in art class.

It’s easy to be thrown off course by your successes and failures no matter what your age.  If you end up strongly attached to one thing, it throws you for a loop when change comes flying through.  But you must continue.  You must avoid the temptation to close yourself off, give up, or go comfortably numb.

Time and again I see people with great skill and interesting ideas begin with an ocean of excitement.  They work hard at turning their ideas into reality, but then the tide begins to pull back, they meet unexpected obstacles, and find themselves at a crossroads.  They’re frozen…deflated.

When this happens, remember, a new moment has arrived.  You begin anew.

Knowing this, I suggest you do yourself a favor and heed the advice I’m currently giving my son in heavy doses.

“Don’t give up on your art!”

The author is David P. Diana

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  1. It's easy to get deflected/deflated when you look at what someone else is doing cos there's ALWAYS someone better or further ahead than you.


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