Sunday, 8 August 2010

busy bee!

I've been all over the place like that tough customer there!

Firstly, I'd like to say a sad goodbye to The Vintage Shop in Chester. Doors shut yesterday on their 2nd Anniversary.
It's sad to see another independent business close doors. My friend Jayne has lost her job as a result of the closing. And on a personal note I'm losing my income that came from selling vintage jewellery and my vintage makes.

I recently told you about how I am going to become self employed. Rather than get into debt in order to start a new very small business it seemed wise to raise the money instead of asking the bank. SO....This is why I have been buzzing around the the last couple of weeks. EBAY!

It all started when I decided to sell off a couple of bits that I never wear. And they all sold! I was so excited!!!! Jayne suggested that we use ebay as a way to raise the money to get started in our little business venture. 
So I have been spending hours and hours photographing, listing, packaging and shipping goodies we've had stored away "in case we needed them one day"!

It's a heck of a lot of work & Jayne has been driving me crazy asking me how many bids we have! But our total is creeping up! After next week I reckon we'll be able to get our insurance and be able to start trading in markets! How exciting is that?! Wanna have a look at what I'm selling? Here ya go!
These sweet little vintage owl earrings are my fave!
 I can't wear them because they're not sterling silver :(
{I will ship ANYWHERE the shipping prices listed are UK though}
If you want anything I'm selling just ask and I can work out the exchange rate and shipping for you :)


I'm ready to put my tree up right now and bust out the Andrew Sister's Little Drummer Boy record! Originally the plan was that my mom was going to be coming over here for Christmas time. She was busy making arrangements. I'm not sure what changed her mind but she asked if Ben and I would rather come to Charleston.



AND all of my family is coming to Charleston this year for Christmas! Ben will be meeting some of my family he didn't meet last time we were home. It's going to be much more relaxed this time too. Last time we were in Charleston together we were getting married! So, it was kind of hectic!
We're already filling our social calendar with a few things like candlelight  mass at my mom's tiny beach church and the James Island Festival of Lights with Lindsay and alllll of her boys! 

Lindsay is one of my closest friends and was one of my beautiful bridesmaids. Ben got to meet her husband Andrew and really liked him straight away! Anyone would find it hard not to like Andrew, but Ben is really looking forward to seeing him again so our Christmas date with the Linds, Andrew and the 3 boys is going to be wonderful!!!! I can't wait, this auntie has some serious cuddles to make up for! 

After loads of searching for flights myself I gave up and went to a travel agent. I'm sooo glad I did! If you ever need flights I highly recommend The Flight Centre. I'd like to thank Steve from the Chester Flight Centre for going out of his way to help us get the best flights and making the whole process as painless as possible!
Not only did he find us the cheapest flights he was able to find flights that didn't include lots of horrible lay overs in out of the way places but he was able to book us into a hotel in London the night before our flight because we have to check in at 5:40am. The price he got for us was £50 cheaper than the price I was quoted on the same hotel's website. AND Steve made sure the hotel had a shuttle to the airport that would be running early enough for us! What a guy! Sure it's his job, but he saved around $1,000 at the end! 

So yep! That's me! I'm on my way out to see if the blackberries are ready for picking!

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