Thursday, 22 July 2010

Second Hand Rose - Coming Soon!

Inspired by the love of vintage &  the song sung by the charming Fanny Brice {and Babs Streisand} may I introduce 


Second Hand Rose will be located in the Antiques & Collectables emporium in Blakemere Craft Centre. We will be stocking vintage furniture, clothing, jewellery, fabric, buttons, books, recycled & refashioned handmade creations and lots and lots of wonderful English Porcelain and the occasional American treasure!
We specialise in beautiful things!
The majority of our collection comes from the 1950s and before. In retails terms, vintage is anything 20 years old or older. However my friend and business partner Jayne love the 1920s to 1950s most of all! Each item at Second Hand Rose will be hand selected by Jayne or myself.

We will launch online in the future too so people who aren't near Sandiway Cheshire can also snap up a vintage treasure! In the mean time Second Hand Rose Cheshire can be found on Facebook and will soon have a blog :)
Stop by and "like" us!

While waiting for our spot to open up {that's a story in itself} Jayne and I are busy removing stock from The Vintage Shop, picking up new stock when we see it and saving pennies in order to get our insurance and pay our deposits. It's all scary and exciting! It's not full time work, so we'll also be taking stalls in markets, having home sales and attending fêtes and fairs. Maybe even a market near you!
Why am I moving forward when I'm still not sure what I want to be when I grow up?

I'm am fed up of not getting anywhere with job applications, it is soooo bizarre how I have not even had a single interview! I've got lots of experience in quite a few areas! I'm a hard worker! I'm hire-able! I have good references and a well groomed CV/resume!  I even sent a request through their website to the management at my husband's job asking if they were hiring cleaners and she didn't even get back to me!One of the existing shops that stocked my jewellery and vintage stuff is closing down. I'll lose that income in 3 weeks time.
So that's it! I'm not gonna take it anymore! I'm pulling up my boot straps and taking matters into my own hands! I've sought wise advice. I've sought guidance from Business Link. And it's positive!

Here we go! Another big ole leap of faith! Look Ma' no hands!


  1. That sounds great! I know it'll be awesome! Good luck.

  2. thanks so much! I'm getting quite excited! But scared too!

  3. I'll be sure to pay you a visit! Good look hunni! xx

  4. Hello Mrs Woo!

    This is a bit of a random question but I thought i'd ask anyway..i'm getting married in August and would love for our favours to have vintage tea cups filled with wax to make a candle. Sourcing this many vintage teacups at a reasonable price is going to be a hard task! Do you have any advice (or indeed teacups!) that you could impart? I need around 140 (!!!) teacups- do you know anywhere that sells such things and in bulk?

    It may be too expensive in which case i'll have to think of something else, but it would be so lovely to have them!

  5. Hi Jenny! Sorry for my late reply! Please email me so I can give you a more detailed answer and hopefully help!



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