Wednesday, 28 July 2010

just hangin out with my pal

 Don't let that cute face fool you! He is one naughty bunny! 

  I just found my lime green mary janes under my bed.
Now that they're ruined I might recycle them into a Pea Pendant...
and my red polka dot flip flops....

Oh...and my wallpaper....

and my notebook! 

He's also "customised" most of my pyjamas, and books and magazines...and cables...

If he wasn't so cute he'd be out on his giant ears!!! 


  1. Oh naughty truman! U cheeky little fella!

    Good job your cutie.

    XX jade XX

  2. Omg- he is a naughty, naughty boy!! Off ot the corner for him.. If one of my pets did that to my shoes (and other things) I'd be sooooo mad! His face is almost too cute to be mad, though. lol

    p.s. thanks for linking me to that AWESOME flickr page!


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