Sunday, 18 July 2010

in a stitchy frame of mind

Since I have been quite into sewing small projects at the moment I thought I would have a look at some pretty pincushions! My next project might just have to be another pincushion!

i've made a ring pincushion really similar to this one! 

i've also made some vintage tea cup & saucer pin cushions! 
I need to take more photos of my own work! 


  1. The proto-type pin cushion you gave me last night is FANTASTIC! I've been using it all day to help me finish off a little something for you actually! It's so nice not to have to put my needle between my teeth (a terrbile habit I have despite have a couple of very nice large pin cushions.) Yours is just so handy (please excuse the unintended and very bad pun!)

    You're a star...My new little pin cushion will be traveling with me wherever I go with some stitching :-)

    Much love,

  2. OH GOOD! I'm so thrilled! I am going to try to find some different type of ring bases that will be better protection from stabbing oneself! I'm so happy you like it :)
    I've got a few more ideas for wearable pincushions....if I do get around to them I'll send you some more to test! Isn't this fun!?!

  3. I have to say I didn't stab myself once! It's really firm (which is good) so there's no risk of the needle sinking in too much...unless you give it a good push! It is indeed fun... I'm looking forward to being your guinea pig again!


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