Sunday, 25 July 2010

dream kitchen

In my opinion the kitchen is the heart of the home. Especially in my family. We love food! It's not only the food or the cooking, which I also love, we're drawn to that room!
I could look at kitchens from the past alll day. The colors are wonderful! The designs are charming! I just can't get enough!

kitchen 1901. the cupboard ain't the only thing that was bare.

1910 kitchen.


1930s kitchen....aren't you lovely in my fave green. 

1940s Americana.

last but not least my fave....
Oh, 1950s kitchen, how I love thee! 

* Today, about 74% of affluent Americans use kitchen to talk on the phone
* In 1930s, kitchen was mostly used as place to cook food
* Today, approximately 63% of kitchen users leave notes in the kitchen for other family members
* In 1930s, Kitchen was also used as laundry room
* Today, 58% Americans open mail or catch up on correspondence in the kitchen
* In 1930s, kitchen was considered a haven of women
* Today, 46% of both sexes said that they use the kitchen for airing out disagreements
* Today, as Americans get older, they use the kitchen to hold family conferences
* In 1930s, kitchen was used as a place to spy on neighbours
* Today, 8% of Americans admit to using the kitchens as a location to "spy" on neighbours


What's your favorite or least favorite thing about your kitchen. There's no room for a table or seating in my kitchen - it's not great when people are over - I disappear! 

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