Sunday, 11 July 2010

Cheerful Needle Books Galore and I needs some cheer!

I feel I can be honest with you all. I am feeling really low. I have always struggled with depression {and have been on medication for it for ten years or so}. I've come through a really stressful time and now I'm in the trough. It only usually lasts a couple of days, but it's dragging out this time. So, I need to see color and pretty things and things I enjoy and lots of it! Bring on the needle books!
In case you haven't heard of a needle book, or maybe you call it something else, I'm talking about the little fabric folded "books" with felt "pages" that hold your sewing needles. They also come in paper and were even used as advertising at one time - I am personally partial to the fabric ones, especially vintage! My friend Jayne who is turning fabulously 50 in November said they used to make them in school out of fabric scraps. I've bought and been given a couple of examples that must have been made in school from scraps. We didn't do anything as cool as that! I made boxer shorts in my sewing class!

  by Felt Fancies 
{you can buy this one!}

complete with instructions from 1936!

circular needle case tutorial :)

I'd better stop for your sake! I could hunt for photos of needle books all night! I think I'll go have a nice warm bath, make a cuppa tea and drag out my scraps...I think I'll be making some needle books tonight :)


  1. Sorry to hear you are feeling low. I can identify with that so much right now so thank you for the lovley pictures - it's a bright start to my morning! Sewing is so therapeutic isn't it? Hope you feel better soon girly.

  2. Love your blog and it seems all the things you do! Hope you've been able to get back on the sunnier side, but at least you know you will. Take care, Janet

  3. Thanks so much for you sweet kind thoughts ladies. I'm sure the little black cloud will lift soon enough. I hope yours blows over too Whitney-Anne.
    I'm so glad that you enjoy my blog Janet. That makes me happy :)
    Thank you x x x

  4. Oh sweetie, I know what you're going through...Been there, done that, and I've done the sewing to help me through (it really works!). Loving the needle cases btw; I use the one Alexandra's Wishes sent me all the time! Much love somemore things for you too when I next see you ;-) xxx

  5. :( I'm sorry to hear that Felicia! I'll be praying for you!

  6. Helloooooo Felicia! I just friended you on FB. I had a great time making a needle case with felt. Would love to share with you.

  7. Oh I hope you pull out of this soon! I hate to hear that!

    Thanks for sharing so many lovies with us all!


  8. Thanks so much Lolly x Today was a brighter day & I am absolutely tickled pink with my brand new instructions for a needle roll thanks to MomChops!

    Kish Kish


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