Wednesday, 9 June 2010

My Bestie Came To Visit!

I don't get home very often, it's an expensive trip. I did get home in December for my Mom's 60th birthday. While home I got to see friends including my best friend and Maid of Honor Hailey and her new hus! Their home in Downtown Charleston is sooo cute! No matter how much time we got to spend together was just not enough! It never is.
 {aren't they a gorgeous couple!}

Hailey's husband Ted has just finished his first year of Medical School
This summer is the only summer he'll have off for a very long time! And Happy Day! They came over to spend some of that time with us!!!!!

{Hailey and Teddy in our little flat}
They're our first visitors from home since we've been married! So special. I'm soo happy that it was Hailey to be the first visitor. We've been such close friends for years, we're like sisters. It doesn't matter now much time passes between the last time we see each other we pick right back up as though no time as passed at all. It doesn't matter what huge life changes occur, we still jump right into the same rhythm. 
{mr woo & me outside of our flat}

{Hailey sampling some not so British "candy"}

{I've lived in Chester for 2 years and this was the first time I've gone up to the clock!)


{me and mr woo}
{me & the James}

We had such a wonderful time. The weather was perfect! Until the day they were leaving actually :)
Our neighbor told me they could hear us laughing! Ha! My best friend got to see what my life is a bit like. She got to see where I live. Now she has pictures to put to the stories. My heart is happy.


  1. That is sooo awesome!! I know that'll be a trip they remember forever too. :)

  2. Oh, my...what a special visit.
    Few things are more precious than spending time with your best friend. Especially those special friends who are like sisters.
    I hope I can visit you someday.
    Is that strange? I just think we would have the most fun.

    p.s. You and Mr. Woo can come visit us anytime. FYI

  3. I don't think it's strange at all! I'd love it if you'd visit! I already know what thrifty places I'd take you to hunt vintage treasures!
    I've never been to the west coast so I'd love it! And omg, Bono Baby sure does sweeten the pot! :)


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