Tuesday, 1 June 2010

It's Raining, It's Pouring

I wish I was snoring about now! So it's June 1st. It's also raining in Charleston, SC {which is home} but it's in the 80s....it's 55 degrees here.
This type of weather, cool and rainy, tells my body one thing. Get under the covers!

As we are child free at this time in life I have the pleasure of being able to crawl under my duvet and snooze whenever I want! It is a good, good feeling.

For those who do have small people at home you might be interested in this fun "Rainy Day Recipe" I found at Paper Dolls For Boys. And guess what? It includes the use of vintage buttons! I'm sold. Now I just need to borrow a small person for the afternoon.

Rainy Day Recipe:
Antsy Kiddo
Vintage Buttons
Thrifted Tins
Kitchen Spoon
Camera (to entertain antsy adult)

And now, for the final ingredient in the recipe:

Aren't her photos just gorgeous! I just love them! 

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