Thursday, 3 June 2010

I'm on a Bloggy Roll!

I guess it's because I'm finding inspiration all over the place these days and I want to share it!

Firstly, I have been reminded of my own project by my sweet soon to be mum of two crafty pal Victoria!

I started a non-scarf-knitting project in February. I haven't knitted anything but squares since! Big ones, small ones, moss stitch ones! Vicky has made two squares for my blanket and I'm super excited! There are some new friends to have joined in the Mrs Woo World since February and I'd love it if you'd take a look at the post from February and join in! I've gotten a little fast and loose on the size rule. My squares are turning out to be all sorts of sizes. Ach well. It's gonna be good!

I've been making my way through my blog roll. I love new posts! Look what I found today at Do Stuff! How fun & colorful!

scrap yarn wrapped branch decoration! I'm totally digging the "free-ness" of this project! 

Next we're off to Just Something I Made...Cathe Holden has always got a groovy tutorial or free download.
The other day she gave away some really pretty stationary to print. I am cursing my stupid empty printer!
I've got the urge to go write letters now!

OH! The Creative Place! How I love your phantastic paper projects!  One of my all time faves is her Christmas Card Saver.
I want to use the same idea of all of the cards we get.
You'll spend ages at The Creative Place with all of her amazing tutorials...I'm having to tear myself away to keep going!

I'll end with LollyChops. Lolly is all kinds of awesome! She is the queen of tutorials with a turquoise obsession!

Lolly's latest tutorial is a video about crotchet borders! I can't crotchet worth a toot, but maybe Lolly will be the one to make it click in my brain!

I also have to praise Lolly for helping me out with my Big Shot fabric dilemma. Lolly saved the day by answering my distraught emails super quickly ! Thanks Lolly! You rock my socks off!

So I'm feeling pretty crafty about now. How 'bout you? I'm also feeling hungry...I guess it's lunch time....
Enjoy all the hard work these creative ladies have put in just to share it with us!
I so admire people who put up tutorials. I tried to make one once and gave up pretty quickly. It was doing my head in! I decided to leave it to those who do a great job already! Thanks for sharing y'all!

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