Friday, 18 June 2010


Not just any green...that perfect {what I call} Vintage green. It's kind of blue. Kind of green. 100% lush.
This green and the duck egg blue that I also lurve were popular colors for mid-century bathrooms! Funny!

I can not resist it.

The pottery company SylvaC made lots in this PERFECT green. I've actually managed to score a 1930s Green Deco Sylvac vase (this is what it looks like but mine is green) for £2!

I just had to share my fave green! I'm giving my eyes a workout in preparation for the carboot sale this weekend! Gotta spot that green!

 I'll also be searching for super kitsch poodles

oh and Eiffel towers!
I am getting excited!!!! Can ya tell?


  1. My nan has a vase just like that green leafy looking one in the bottom left of your pictures!

  2. I think it's SylvaC that vase! There should be a number on the bottom, you can google sylvac & the number to find out when it's from if you don't already know! So fun! It's beautiful!

  3. um...i don't collect jade-ite and love poodles for nuttin baby. danny's Lovely just gave me the most beautiful jade-ite piece from the 1930s. you'll be jealous.

  4. you'd better be showin me a picture of that thing gurrrrl! and yes, I will be jealous, but that's ok because I made my own elderflower cordial. bam!


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