Thursday, 13 May 2010

I'm baaaaaack!

Wow! That was a looooong week! I'm a little brown and a little more cultured I hope. I will not leave Mr Woo for that long again! I was missing him like crazy {we call his mom Mumsie Woo, and she was driving me right up the wall by the end of the trip! Note to self: when it is a struggle to spend 24hrs a day with one's husband or best friend do not even think about spending a 7 day holiday alone with one's mother in law!!!!}!

Thanks, I just needed to get that out of my system!

Menorca is a charming place. It is tiny, it takes 30 minutes driving slowly to go from east coast to west, so a full week was too much time. I would recommend to anyone who might go to maybe go for 3 - 4 days and then maybe check out mainland Spain or some of the neighboring islands. But I did so enjoy the people and the place.
Menorca is Spain...but not Spain. They have their own culture but I think imported some of the popular Spanish bits for the tourists. The loss of a place's own culture always makes me sad, but the discovery of what treasure lays beneath the surface is a joy.
For instance, Spain is well known for fiery Flamenco Dancers and Bull fighting. In many of the gift shops on Menorca you can buy Flamenco costumes for children and pick up bull souvenirs. They're not Menorcan. Menorca celebrates their gorgeous proud horses. 
One woman in a shop told me that Menorcan people find bull fighting "barbaric", "not Menorcan". In stark contrast to the brightly colored Flamenco dancers, the image of a Menorcan woman is very humble and earthy. Of course it's an image of a time long gone, but I absolutely loved the sculptures of the Menorcan Woman all over the island. She is usually depicted offering food or drink. I couldn't afford the sculpture I wanted, but did find a lovely small rustic version.
I didn't get a photo of the sculptures and can't seem to find any online, the closest I've found is this plate!
My fave little place was Es Castell. What a charming little place.

And you'll never believe this....I found an Age Concern charity shop there! Yep. Good ole Age Concern, the same charity shop that I volunteer for sometimes. Ha! And it gets better. They had knitting needles and vintage buttons. Hold on to your seat because it gets even of the ladies brought her vintage buttons from home for me to have a rummage through. There were so many I couldn't take them all! I KNOW!!!
I also managed to pick up a few bits that I can sell at the Vintage Shop if I can part with them! My laptop is acting a bit crazy so I can't upload new pix in I'll have to show you my buttons once Mr Woo has sorted this thing out. In the mean time here are some of my fave photos from my holiday in Menorca! Enjoy :)
 ah-mazing paella!
the teeniest snails! that brown spot is my birthmark :)

In Mao/Mahon


 Es Castell


The beautiful Es Castell again

So there ya go! All of these photos were taken on my phone! Watch this space for button photos!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing your goodies! Glad you're back :)


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