Friday, 2 April 2010


Mr Woo has been particularly interested in the post for the past few days.
It's usually just me...but he asked this morning if we'd gotten anything.
We hadn't. I carried on getting ready.

Mr Woo  "Well, I might as well tell you now". 
Mrs Woo "oh. no." 
{I thought it was going to be bad news, like a baliff order or over due bill or something.....bad....}

Mr Woo "I wanted to wait, but I'll tell you now...
I bought you a Sizzix Big Shot". 
My jaw literally dropped. Like, actually. How it happens on Eastenders and in the movies.  

Mrs Woo "Whaaaaaat?!"

Mr Woo said that he said to himself if he won the work lottery {they have a lottery at work, he was just asked to put his pound in because someone dropped out that's all I know} then he would buy the machine for me. WHAT?!
I cried and told him he should have used it to get something he wanted! He already has to provide everything else for me as I can't find work. He said to consider it an Easter present. 
Mr Woo said he wanted me to cheer me up as I've been so down because of losing Poppy. He also said he wanted to give me something to help me with my card making and to "help me be a shop". "I am a shop" when I am selling things you see. So if I'm part of a craft fair or helping out at the Vintage Shop or if someone buys something from my etsy, then, I am a shop.

So there ya have it. I wanted to share my excitement about becoming the new owner of a fun crafty gadget but most importantly I wanted to brag about my sweet, sweet handsome Hus.
How'd a girl like me get to be so lucky!?!
It doesn't really matter, I'm just so thankful for my Mr Woo x



  1. Oh my, that was so super sweet of your husband. What a dear man. I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend.

    love and hugs,

  2. Dear Felicia,

    I tried to put your cute button on my page but the link wasn't working. I'm going to try it again.



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