Sunday, 18 April 2010

do you heart liberty of london?

One of the shops I miss most from home is Target! OOOOH Target! There's even a missing photo of Mr Woo and I standing outside of Target on our honeymoon to Charleston. One of my dear sweet friends told me that Target has a range of Liberty of London out now. She even sent me a beautiful photo frame!
I have to admit I'd never heard of Liberty of London. But since hearing about it from Kitty I've been intrigued! 
"Wondering what all the hype about Liberty of London is all about? Liberty has been producing fabrics and textiles since the 1800s. They are best known for their floral prints, but also have masterful, gorgeous novelty and geometric prints in their catalog. Their classic prints never go out of style and their new prints are always fashion-forward and interesting. Of their various basecloths, Liberty’s Tana Lawn is the most popular and widely available. Lawn is a lightweight, semi-sheer, plain weave fabric, and Liberty’s version strikes a wonderful balance of drape and body that makes it versatile enough for a wide range of projects. It makes sublime clothing, and I’ve heard it works well for quilts too.
Want to know more? FuzzyLizzie Vintage has a nice history of Liberty fabrics here. I know no bigger proponent of Liberty prints than Erin of A Dress A Day (her Liberty posts are kept here). If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have known about the book Liberty & Co. in the Fifties and Sixties: A Taste for Design."
Holy Moly! The fabrics and haberdashery {I have discovered a passion for beautiful needle cases}is GORGWHA!!!!!
Check out what I found on their website}
I'd better stop there or I won't be able to stop! Target has a LoL bike! Omg! Ok...moving on....
I had to show you this photo of the shop that I found on the cute my spare time blog! The lucky girl's been to the flagship store!
buttons! aaaah!

droooooling over the fabrics.....

shut. up.

Has created a list of where to buy Liberty of London fabric.
Basically, what I need to know/see is what Liberty treasures you've scored! So, come on, spill it!


  1. so drool worthy indeed! awesome prints and designs!

  2. I especially love their tiny florals and art nouveau inspired prints. I bought some cereal bowls in the same black and white floral as your frame. That print was my favorite from the Target line.

    Wishing you the happiest of weeks to come, dear friend.



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