Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Jumble Sale Treasures!

I've scored again at the annual Clatterbridge Jumble Sale at the Kelsall Community Centre! Woo Hoo!

The teacup on top of my tower of treasures is from the last jumble sale, but I just had to show you one of my most fave things in my home! There is a beautiful cake plate that goes with the teacup they cost £1! The doily's vintage and from a craft fair! All except the big one which was given to me by Jaynie! Her grandmother made it years ago! That gorgeous ring is from The Hen's Army!

The green just does NOT photo true! This is the closest I could get! But isn't it a fab vintage plant pot

Another of my absolute faves! And another sweet gift from my bestest pal/other mother Jayne! I'm really into lidded pots right now...and isn't the color just divine! 

I've got to find the perfect frame for this print! A gift from Damn French Desserts! They were one of the Fabulous Friend's featured here in February. Thanks ladies! You're so talented and so sweet!!!! I can't even tell you how touched I am to recieve a peice of your work!

This has to be my favorite spot in our home. The sideboard belonged to a couple who were married in 1946. We also have their 3 peice living room suite and the ladies dressing table. They're the Utility make. I just love them all! The typewriter and sewing machine {which both work and I use!} were from the first Clatterbridge jumble sale and Auction! I got them both for £15!

sweet green pots! There are 3 but I was using one!
A "Miss" Lady plate. I've got another "Dainty Miss" plate and a few other lovey ladies too!

 I've got a little thistle sugar bowl too...from a previous jumble sale!
I wasn't going to be able to resist forever!
sorry about the glare! Mr Woo was not a fan....until it was on the wall anyhow!
Well.....I am over the moon to say the least!
In total I spent £6! Can you believe it?!!!!! 

Now it's your turn to show & tell about your treasures!


  1. I love seeing what you get!!! Seriously, it's the hunt of a bargain for some fun treasure. I guess this is what guys feel like when they show off photos of the giant buck they shot. ;) Good shopping! Keep posting!

  2. What an excellent haul - I have quite a few of the John Bull magazines myself . . the adverts are a hoot!


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