Thursday, 25 March 2010

introducing DAISY!

{omg! look at her cute little lips!}
Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do,
I'm half crazy all for the love of you.
It won't be a stylish marriage -
I can't afford a carriage,
But you'd look sweet upon the seat
Of a bicycle built for two.
Everyone who meets our Daisy sings that song! 
Hewo! Our very own Easter Bunny!
Daisy is 5 years old! She's a Lionhead rabbit with otter markings that's why she has that cute little moustache! And you can't see it but she has a white tail and stockings! She is very pretty and very much a lady. Her fave foods are carrots {obviously!}, cabbage, broccoli and her very fave is plums!
Daisy's favorite game is "the skeleton game"...which sounds completely insane I's really not that weird. It's basically Daisy hiding under her blanket and licking it....but because she smooshes her fluffy hair down when she's doing it she looks like the skeleton of a rabbit...under....a blanket....? Daisy is doing lots of stuff for the first time! She was living in a teeny tiny cage in a metal shed in wales when we met her whilst picking up a rabbit for Jayne. The breeder who'd kept these rabbits was getting rid of them because he'd decided to start breeding quail - so the bunnies had to go! They didn't have any toys or room to exercise in :( After we'd collected Jayne's bunny, now called Jezebel, we knew we couldn't leave the others in that place. It took quite a while to convince Mr Woo that we should adopt a second furkid. He wasn't especially enthused. He changed his mind and let me plod back to North Wales to snatch up another bunny. When I was there the time before to collect Jezebel with Jayne there was a bunny in a tiny cage by the door of the shed who seemed quite interested in us, I asked the man to keep that bunny for me. Just before we'd arrived another person had been to collect a brown bunny so that only left the black ball of fuzz - and she was mine! Like with Poppy we'd selected her name before she came home - so as soon as he handed her over I told Daisy she finally had a name and that we loved her already! How could we not!?! Check out that nose and those lips! Heaven!
 After the long ride home sitting in my lap Daisy came to her new home! It took a few days before she realised she could get out of her cage and she was allowed to roam around. She'll venture out into the hallway now and stick her nose into the other bedroom, and for a bunny who'd never been allowed out of her little box that's pretty darn brave!
Here's Daisy having a lay down in her new large cage on her second day with us...before she figured out she didn't have to stay in there! She already thought this new roomy place is something I could get used to! Don't you just love her cute duck hieney!
 Here's an action shot of Daisy being tough! 
you've got a little something....just....there.....
So Poppy has a little/big/little sister. Daisy is a little bit scared of Poppy. But not Poppy she just marches right up to Daisy hand has a sniff! When she's done that she climbs into Daisy's bag of we've given Poppy her own hay now. *sigh* I'm in fur-kid heaven x


  1. omg, she is PRECIOUS!!!!!!! What a little flower she is. So adorable!

  2. My god, this is just killing!! I am absolutley NOT going to show my daughter this post - she's mad for rabbits at the moment - even though she's quite grown up. I'm afraid my husband would leave if we got a house rabbit! Do they use a litter tray?

  3. She does use a litter tray Whitney-Anne! She is very, very clever! She is middle aged in rabbit terms but still learned to use "the potty" in a matter of days! It is so much easier to potty train a rabbit than a dog! If your husband is anything like mine he'll end up falling head over heels with a house rabbit!

  4. And of course it is probably easier to train a rabbit than a husband!


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