Monday, 15 March 2010

Buttons! Buttons! Everywhere! and they're eat-able!


Sugar & Meringue have a sugar cookie recipe and a downloadable button card! I'm not sure I'll be able to stand the extremely cute button lovin! I've just added S&M to my list of blogs I follow - her site is the type of place I can get lost for hours!

Do you remember the other button cookies? They were so gorgeous! Then there were the button chocolates....

There are more!
Sugar buttons from Layer Cake Shop
more sugar buttons from Fancy Flours

button birthday cake by Jen-Jen

button wedding cake by Cake Dots

cute as a button cake by Mayflour Cakes

Button Cake vintage recipe by Betty Crocker

What is it about the humble button that is sooo appealing? Mr Woo and I were discussing it. Buttons are meant to be utilitarian, yet they've become treasures {to those of us who treasure them that is}. My love affair with buttons began a month or so before our wedding when I began making our wedding favours which were cashmere and lambs wool hearts with a linen tag embroidered with our names. I used vintage  buttons to attach the tags. That was all it took! I've been hooked every since! I've got an ever growing collection of tins full of vintage buttons!

You've gotta show me if you've got any special buttons or button related anything! I find joy in ooooing and ahhhing over other people's treasures too! Come on! Show and tell!



  1. Oh, my goodness. Love the buttons. I have a large collection of vintage buttons stowed away in our storage unit. When we move into our new place I promiss to share them with you. You should post some photo's of yours. Now I'm nosey.

    Fritzi Marie

  2. wawwwwww, it's cute!!!! i like it!!!


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