Thursday, 18 February 2010

What's Your Type?

Thanks Pentagram for combining two things I love - typography and quizzes! This one is especially interesting I think!  

Why did Brian Wilson use Cooper Black on the cover of Pet Sounds? Why did Obama use Gotham for his election propaganda? It has long been apparent that typefaces reflect the character of the person using them, and that type choice, as well as the words that are typed, is a powerful conveyor of meaning.
At Pentagram, we wanted people to be able to understand that meaning properly and use it more consciously. Hence our ‘What Type Are You’ application. Researched over seven years with a team of 23 academics across Eastern Europe, ‘What Type Are You’ asks the four key character questions of our day, analyses your responses in exceptional detail and recommends one of 16 typefaces as a result.
Find out your type at Enter the password “character.”

I am Pistilli Roman: Emotional. Assertive. Traditional. Disciplined.
And I like it!


  1. THat is neat! I love cool fonts. I used to have a software that had thousands of choices, I could never get anything done, instead I'd sit there and debate over fonts! :)

  2. i used to have a huuuuuuuuuuge binder full of the fonts i'd download and print off but i still only used the same ones all the time! ha!


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