Monday, 1 February 2010

Holy Vintage Button Chocolate Mold Batman!!!!

Are you kidding me?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm dyin here!!!!!
 How many boxes does this check?!
  1. Vintage Buttons
  2. Chocolate
  3. Cooking
  4. Cuteness
  5. Charming Website
Holy. Moly. 

The gorgeous Bake It Pretty blog  gives us downloadable directions AND those extremely cute labels! Go to their shop for the mold! It's sooo affordable - $2.25! I was totally going to order it...but then shipping to the UK was $29!!! Re-donk-ulous! That ain't gonna happen. Insert pouty lips here.

OH MY There's more!!!

Can you stand the fabulousness of it all?! I don't know if I can!


  1. OOOOOooooooooooooo, those buttons. DEEEElish. I have thing for red and turquoise.

  2. gorgeous aren't they!!! we should all go in together and buy the mold and send it back and forth all over the world!

  3. wow! that is a lot of shipping
    I actually placed an order for these buttons mold
    I live in chicago & shipping to me was $8 something....its sooo totally gonna be worth it
    for its oober cuteness :)

  4. Hello to a fellow frustrated UKer! I stumbled across your blog having seen the delightful chocolate buttons on the Bake It Pretty blog and commenced my own search for a UK stockist of the mould (I ain't paying $29 shipping for something that costs about £2.50).

    I thought I'd come back and share that I found it here (apologies if you've already found it):

    Although they don't do the button lolly moulds which I was also coveting from the BIP site.

    Becki :)

  5. Becki! you're a star! I hadn't seen that online shop! I'll start dropping hints now to get my hands that baby! Thanks so much for stopping back by! I'm glad you're enjoying my wee blog! x

  6. Thanks so much for your link to the button mould! And great blog, Mrs Woo,too.


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