Thursday, 14 January 2010

Window Shopping.

For the time-being I must content myself with window shopping....sometimes my shop cruising ends up being inspiration for something I can do myself! I definitely have the shopping gene, I got it from my dad funnily enough! SO if you love shopping like I do, even if it's just window shopping, follow me!

A Bun in the Oven Card

 Ha! Funny! I've seen some really fun ways people have made their preggo announcement, this one is so fun! But don't get all hot & bothered, I'm not making an announcement...yet ;)!

Benny's Flag Blank Book  I wonder if Mr Woo would fancy this journal?...

Young Girl Reading Jean Honore Fragonard

Oh! I love this print! My grandparents had a big framed copy hanging in their house when I was growing up! I always loved it!

Giant Cupcake explanation needed!

le nid d'oiseaux A Bird's Nest in a Teacup Winter Party

"Ethel is a beautiful bird who loves living in the fragrant woods! She has dreams of opening a dress shop in Paris, but for now she enjoys designing frocks and finery for her friends of the forest. Ethel chose an abandoned blue teacup and saucer for her home. She has decorated it with vintage gold and blue tinsel garland for the holidays. She is getting ready to have her best friend over for tea and cookies. Her best friend is a sweet,shy young doe named Millie. Ethel has selected some icy red berries to go along with the Darjeeling tea and cookies in the shape of bells to serve to her guest. She is scurrying to finish her sewing before Millie arrives. So many special orders!Humming a sweet tune, Ethel stitches carefully and quickly, while the tea kettle is starting to whistle. This is going to be such fun! There is always time for tea with a friend!
Ethel's Teacup Nest is composed of:
A vintage robin's egg blue Melmac cup and saucer
Richly glittered portrait of Ethel taken from a Victorian nature diary reproduction book~sparkles like snow
An empty English wrapper of needles with lovely graphics
Shabby spool of thread and rickrack accented with pearl pin
Icy red berries
Sweet vintage fawn and tree stump filled with a real pinecone
Jingle bells
Vintage bell cookie cutter
Lovely vintage golden metal buttons
Vintage garland
Seam binding


I love this! My Sparrows Nest has the most wonderful little charming Etsy shop! 

'Cause...I do. (click the pic for the link)

le herisson / the hedgehog

ok.....I'll spare you another hedgehog now! See you tomorrow with a new Fabulous Friend!

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