Wednesday, 13 January 2010

So Good!

I decided to share a list of some of the things either really into at the moment or that I'm finding useful or inspiring! Enjoy!

If you read my blog often you already know I've got one sweet Hus. The other day he surprised me with this book for no reason!
  1. I love presents 
  2. I love surprises 
    Oh yeah. He's a keeper :)

    This book was my surprise:

The most encouraging & inspiring book about living on less! It gets hard living on a limited income and we can start feeling really down about it, but this book has made me excited about living well with less! Not only is it full of tips and links to helpful websites IT HAS RECIPES WITH VARIATIONS! This book is worth the cost for the curry recipe alone! That is an A+ + in my book! 

My new crafty tool:
Heat It Up Heat Gun

This bad boy makes hot air! Hotter than a hair dryer and without the blow. It for embossing with powders {which I have recently discovered is great fun!}. It can also be used to dry paint or glitter or even small fimo sculptures quickly! I don't know how green it is to use, but it must be more efficient than heating up the oven for a few small fimo bits to set! 

Waste Not Want the Kitchen:

I know I'm not the only one who hates waste. I'm not the only one trying to be less wasteful. I recycle, I reuse what I can. But I have always found "recycling" food most difficult. Unfortunately I'm not alone "People are needlessly throwing away 3.6m tonnes of food each year in England and Wales, research suggests" states the BBC. That's not even the worst of it. Check out that article if you are looking for some motivation!
I mean, I'll whip up a banana bread from old brown bananas before you can spell banana, but other left overs are tough. We ate a lot of leftovers growing up...and I vowed I would never eat them when I was an adult! I thought it was sooo gross! The Hus isn't a great lover of left overs either. When I'd freeze something it would end up being thrown out anyhow, just at a later date. We're getting better. I make breadcrumbs from our leftover bread, I am learning how to make delicious soup out of just about any vegetable lingering in our fridge. I made a spaghetti pie the other day out of left overs and I was so scared The Hus wouldn't like it. He actually LOVED it! He ate the left over pie the next day for lunch and has asked to have it again! Hooray!  
We have an ad campaign going on over here in the UK - Love Food, Hate Waste. It's on TV. It's in magazines and newspapers. I didn't take any notice of what they were promoting because the ads are a bit odd. However, thanks to my trusty new Thrift Book I looked up the site they've been promoting.
It's simple. LOVE FOOD HATE WASTE dot com. What a great site! It's full of tips, advice and recipes. It's all common sense but sometimes I need a little bit of guidance. I'm on my way to being super non-waster!    

My Fave Places to get Vintage Crafty Jewellery Stuff:

The stock of the shops is out of this world! My next fave bit is that their shipping policies are the best! Pay for the most expensive one and the rest is free!!! You can't beat that with a stick! They are both wonderful & accept paypal! My Vintage Charms has super cute packaging too :)
I'm a big fan of paypal because when I sell something on Etsy, they money goes into my paypal account which I can they turn around and use to buy more supplies online! 

I'd better get going and scrounge around in the kitchen it's lunch time and The Hus will be home soon looking for eats! 

I'd LOVE to hear about your recent inspirations! Do tell if you check out any of mine and find them as wonderful as I do!  


  1. I love heat guns! So much fun, and watching embossing powders "magically" change to shiny and raised never gets boring :) Did you know you can also use your heat gun with shrink plastic? And if you heat up a piece of funky foam (you know the coloured thin sheets about the size and thickness of felt)you can stamp into it whilst it's still warm and create an embossed effect?

  2. That book most definitely looks like one worth checking out!

  3. Oh man! Vicky I've got a little scrap of that foam I'm totally gonna give it a go! I've also wanted to try out the shrink plastic, but I don't have any...yet :)

    I couldn't recommend it more Kristin! Go for it!


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