Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Our Successful Dumpster Dive!

Jayne and I went dumpster diving....only there was no skip...just a MASSIVE pile of stuff. Bin bags, boxes, loose stuff thrown all around and rained upon! A thrifty crafter's utopia! We knocked on the door and looked for someone to gain permission from, but there was no one. It was all left for the council to remove.
It was sad. The house owner has either passed away or possibly been taken into care. A lot of their life was just chucked out into the rain and snow awaiting the council to come along and take it to rot in a landfill. Enter Jayne & me. We salvaged what we could! We filled bags full of fabric and paper and silver and tins that had been left being seen as junk. To us it was a mountain of treasure!
Picture the scene...the sun was almost set. There was very little light. The two of us pulling layers down. Boxes were falling apart. I was up on the mountain pulling things from the top. At one point I lost my shoe in the pile. We'd fill a bag and drop it into the back of the car then crawl out for another!
We left filthy and satisfied.
The next phase of the operation was us going through our booty. Sheets went down and the contents of the bags came out. We were very brave and re-bagged anything we would not use or be able to recycle.
My favorite finds were a huge vintage wooden spoon, a 1977 Silver Jubilee Quality Street Tin, and aaallll of the recipe books! Oh the recipe books. Some recipes have hand written notes added. Some of the books consisted of recipes cut out of magazines and newspaper from many years past!
I am so happy with my finds. I've been washing the fabrics, wiping the tins and drying the paper ephemera....there are sooo many more photos coming! Just a little more work to do to get stuff ready! Yay!


  1. Ooo! Dying to see what treasures you bagged! I'd never have the nerve to do that (I'm like a little mouse). I'd be worried someone would come along and say "Oi! What do you think you're doing!" :D

  2. It was so much fun Vixanne.....it's better to do these dirty deeds in pairs...it makes you braver...but over the years i have saved many beautiful and glorious treasures that would have gone to landfill hell! As a recycler and freecycler and absolutely a make do and mender......we saw green and went in there it was an adrenaline filled wonderful time...jayne!

  3. That is soooo awesome!!!! I LOVE free goodies and for it to be so perfectly suited to your tastes is even better! That is great. Now if only I could land a big dumpster full of kid's H&M clothes someday!!! ;)

  4. felicia..i saw the bag arrived! i'm very very glad you liked the stuffs inside! cheers


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