Sunday, 10 January 2010

My Wee Lassie

I'm worried you guys.
Poppy isn't herself {In case you don't know, Poppy is my pet hedgehog}.She's not running in her wheel which used to be her greatest pleasure. I trimmed her nails the other night hoping that would help. She's sleeping ALL of the time. I'm hoping it's down to her being cold, I can do something about that. She is still eating which is a good sign, no a GREAT sign - but she's pooping and weeing right outside of her house, that's not ok. I'm sure I'm just overreacting, but that's what we do isn't it. She is like my baby {but thank God I didn't give birth to a spike covered hedgepig!}.
If you pray, please pray for Poppy. If you send positive and healing thoughts, please send em. Whatever you do when someone is poorly will you please do it for my wee lassie?
I'm just gonna have to keep an eye on her and try not to obsess....I'd better keep busy....I found some really wonderful projects - maybe these will work as a distraction...

First of all, if you don't get the Whip Up Newsletter. GET IT!

Now that you've done that look at this!

I'm on a cloth bag for use in the kitchen kick at the moment! I want to try out these food preserving bags from Lakeland and they are sooo cheap

I'd love to hear about it if anyone uses them. I really want to get the potato bag, I have the most trouble with my potatoes sprouting and going off before I can use them all followed by my mushrooms. I hate waste, and these look like they might be a great solution to some of my food waste!

This looks fun, I'm thinking of doing one for a friend's wedding present with their wedding date on and stuff.

I'll just tell ya right now, I'm probably going to be spending a heck of a lot of time on The Purl Bee blog. 
I keep finding project after project that I want to give a go! Rather than posting them all here cause I'd be here all day I'll just encourage you to go have a look down the right side of the blog at all of the wonderfullness to share!

p.s. I just checked on Poppy, I'd  put a heating pad in with her, she's moved her bed off of it, so I guess she's warm enough...we'll just see how it goes. Thanks x


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