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1. Hello Tatiana! Why don't you introduce yourself and tell us about YOU!

My name is Tatiana Bravo I’m 21 years old born and raised in Miami, FL. Living in Miami can be a bit hectic sometimes, with a full time job full time school, managing a site, trying to do all at once. Seems like the Miami lifestyle but overall I love my sunny city and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Growing up I always knew I wanted to do something big; I was never a follower always a leader. I was never influenced by others, I knew that I was born to do great things and be someone. I joined Etsy about a few days ago and it has been an incredible experience seeing how creative and passionate our fellow Etsians are and reading life changing stories where people quit there day job and turned their hobbies into a business has really inspired me. I work alongside my mom who is the genius behind all our wonderful creations helping in anything she needs as a new year we decided that it is time for us to turn our hobbies into a business and this is where our business venture begins.  I currently attend Miami Dade College majoring in Business Administration hoping to one day open a children’s Boutique and like others here on Etsy turn my hobby into a major success. (:

2. Do your website & shop have a special name? Where did that name come from?

My shop’s name is Bebes Décor; it came about 3 years ago when I decided that I wanted to help my mom’s vision come to life. I did my research and I started off with the simplest task of all… creating a domain and hosting site, it was there where I had to come up with a name for our business. Finally after hours and hours of thinking and testing names I came up with Bebes Décor. I thought it was a perfect fit! I wanted the name to resemble 3 major things, sophistication, chic-ness, and creativeness because we wanted our site and creations to resemble elegance of virtue by being fashionable. 

 3. What was the last treasure that arrived in your mail?
The last treasure I received in the mail has to be my hang tags. I specially designed them myself and had a fellow Etsian make my vision come to life. It just made my vision of having a site become more realistic seeing that I have come a long way from where I was back when I only had a business name, domain, and hosting site. 
4. Where in the world would you like to visit? why?

If I could visit anywhere in the world I would definitely love to go to Italy. I would love to go see the leaning tower of pisa. I would love to visit Rome, eat some gelato!! It’s definitely a big change from the Miami lifestyle. 

 5.  What 8 records or books would you would take with you to a desert island {you can tell us why if you want to}?

 If I could take 8 records or books with me to a deserted island I would take:
       1. Weeping Willow
       2. Tears of a Tiger 
       3. Rich Dad Poor Dad 
       4. The Lovely Bones
       5.  My Sister’s Keeper
       6. He’s just not that into you (I think we all would take this) 
       7. Crash course in Love 
       8. Act like a lady, think like a man 
6. If you could go back and live in a past decade or century, when would you choose and why?

If I could go back and live in a past decade or century I would definitely love to live in the year 1978 back in the days when Grease was a hit. I love their style!!! The old school cars and restaurants with the jukebox. It’s incredible; I always have loved the era. Things where more simple, technology wasn’t so advanced. 
 7. What is your favorite thing about creating something by hand?
My Favorite thing about creating something by hand has to be that I know it will be a reminder of someone’s special moment. Whether it’s a crown for a flower girl for someone’s wedding or party favors I know our creations will be physical evidence of that special day. 

8. Please list three of your favorite things. Why are they favorites?

Three favorite things of mine movies!!! I love the movies. I have noticed the older I get the more into movies I have gotten, it’s just so relaxing and calming. Whatever mood I may be if I see a movie it just seems all better it’s like a mini vacation for me. Going into fantasy world. Another thing has to be working on expanding my site, I love this because this is one of my goals I feel this will make me a better person and help me achieve other goals I have.  Last but not least I love music. Music always seems to help my moods, whether I’m sad, mad, angry or just feeling happy music always helps me feel better. There is always a song that you can relate to. 
9. What could you eat/drink every single day and never grow tired of?
One thing I could eat everyday and never get tired of is Pizza!!! I looove pizza!! And coke. I’m addicted to coca cola, it’s so refreshing!! =)
10. What is your favorite place? Will you describe it to us?
My favorite place as cheesy as it may sound is Miami. It has a bit of everything the cold the sunny; it has beautiful beaches an amazing night life. It’s a place where if you can dream you can make it into reality.  

 Thanks so much Tatiana! It was lovely getting to know you! 
Please visit Bebes Décor and spend lots of money and get super cute & lovely treasures in return!!!! 

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