Saturday, 31 October 2009

Sweet Dreams from Sweet Tidings

Thanks again Christy!!!

Calling All Fabulous Crafty Bloggers
 p.s. I'm usually sorted for Fabulous Friend Fridays! But I've been caught out! I don't know if I'm spendng less time online {probably not, although the last couple of weeks have been crazy!}or if I've become anti-social..
So PLEASE let me know if you'd like to be featured as a Fabulous Friend! You only need to have a blog, it's even better if you have an online shop to promote but it's not a must.

p.p.s. I haven't tried a giveaway before, but it might be fun to combine Fab Friend Friday with a goodie giveaway...hmm....just something to think about...

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

may I please be excused...

Dear Friends,

It is a madhouse in the Woo-house. I'm finishing off my Dorothy dress...this is a way bigger job that I thought it was gonna be. I've just been asked to make a cloak for Mr. Woo {I've not done it before...I'm not a strong sew-er....I've had loads of help on my costume from Jayne}.
We're animal sitting for Mr Woo's parents so we're flying back and forth between houses for the next few days. My house is a wreck! The party we're going to is Friday....we're moving a friend in on Sunday....the pet owner in laws don't return until sometime on Monday... It's non-stop until I was wondering....may I please be excused from blogging for a few days until the madness stops! Once all of this weekend's madness stops I can get on with the house/job hunting/etsy shop stocking/house cleaning/Christmas preparing madness.


Monday, 26 October 2009

What Inspires You?

I was just reading Leandra Holder's facebook page. She lists some of her inspirations...I began thinking..."What are my inspirations?"...
There are lots of things that I like and I allow them to inspire me? Hmm.
I think if I'm really honest with myself the answer would be "no". I find it quite hard to let go of my to-do lists and allow creativity to flow.
Some of us might be surrounded by the things which inspire us - family, friends, the ocean, nature, art, music, books. Some of us might have to try harder to seek out things which inspire.

Here are somethings that have inspired me

I would love to know what inspires you

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Sweet Tidings Sponsor Giveaway!

First of all, I'd like to apologise again to Vicky of Alexandra's Wishes for being soo late in posting her wonderful interview. But don't let my tardiness keep you from enjoying Vicky or her blog!

Don't forget about Sweet Tidings amazing featured giveaways!!!!

This week's featured Etsy shop is Holland Fabric House, talk about cUUUte! Holland Fabric House also has their own website!
Holland Fabric House offers a fine selection of European floral fabrics in bright and colourful prints, the cutest kid's fabrics and handmade accessories.
She has this hedgehog ribbon, omg, y'all had better not buy it all! I know where my Christmas pennies are gonna go!


Friday, 23 October 2009


Phew! I finally made it home, my dress isn't finished yet & I'm shattered!

Without further ado:  

I would like to introduce to you ...


{Every time I mention someone's name that bit from the Muppet Show where everybody cheers follows in my head}

That has nothing at all to do with Vicky! She is certainly not a Muppet! Vicky is mother to Princess Alexandra, wife to our very own brilliant wedding photographer, and the self proclaimed "craftoholic"  behind Alexandra's Wishes blog and Folksy shop to name but a few!
Vicky is the sweet, sweet friend who made a special pincushion and card to celebrate my visa approval. I think she is just absolutely lovely! I know our mutual friend "potato salad Heather" agrees,  I think you will to!

{MW} Hello Vicky :) Why don't you introduce yourself and tell us about YOU!
{AW}Hi! Nice to "meet" you all! First of all I should say I have many incarnations of myself. Wife, Mother, Daughter, granddaughter, crafter, post woman, toddler group leader, host, organiser.....The list does go on.
I am married to a lovely man that I call Mr Bogert. We've been together for 10 years this November (eek!) since I was 17. We have one daughter together called Alexandra Billie (named after Mr Bogert's dad, Bill, who passed away the winter before she was born) who is just coming up to her 4th birthday. My husband and my daughter are my entire life. They are what I work for and what make me the happiest. Family is very important and my Grandparents and Mum live in the same street as us, my Dad, Brother and Sister live up the road only 2 minutes walk away, and my mother in law and sister in law live only 5 minutes drive away.
I work part time for the post office as a delivery worker, but have been indoors for over 2 years because of an injury. I also run our village toddler group and make sure the kids there have plenty of crafty things to make and do. Both Mr Bogert and myself volunteer on our daughter's nursery committee too, so we usually have various things to help with for them. I have always made things. I can't remember a time where I wasn't sticking, papier mache-ing, sewing, drawing etc. My Nan and grandad's back room used to get destroyed every weekend I stayed by piles of fabric, empty containers, felt tip pens and all sorts. Now my crafting mostly revolves around my daughter. Over the last year, I've made lots of fancy dress costumes, hair things, bags etc. I sew, I make cards and scrapbook, I crochet and I knit. I sometimes model make or paint too, but I'm drawn more to textiles. I'm also a list maker. I have lists everywhere. Shoppng lists, things I'd like lists, things I need to do lists, things I'd like to do lists. I never finish a list either, I just add to it ;) My blog is all about the things I make, the places I've been, the things we as a family get up to, and the things we plan for the future.

{MW} Your Blog and folksy shop have such a special name don't they? Where did that name come from?

{AW}Alexandra is my daughter's name and much of my crafting revolves around her and things I would like to make for her or thing's she asked me to make and do, so I call them her wishes. She's such a little cutey that I just figured that anything she would wish or dream of would be lovely and innocent and cute. I hope that the things I create are all of these. I like the idea that I can at least make some wishes reality.

What was the last treasure that arrived in your mail?

An envelope stuffed full of fabric swatches with an accompanying note asking me to choose which I'd like, from a very lovely and generous friend. She shall forever be known as "potato salad Heather" on my blog :) She's since brought the fabrics round in person and I desperately want to start crafting with them, but I'm making myself be good and catch up on all the unfinished things floating around the house.

Where in the world would you like to visit? why?  

So many places! Me and Mr Bogert have a wish list. Some of those places have a time deadline. We think our next big visit will be Lapland. We love Christmas and we really want to take Alexandra to meet father Christmas, play in the snow and drink large quantities of hot chocolate. Then there are other places on the list for the future like China and Tanzania (safari! Yay!). We love to go and see and explore. That's probably why our list is so long. We are not the lie around on the beach type of people. We want to experience places and history and cultures. It's more interesting. It does mean we always feel like we need a holiday when we return though :)

What 8 records or books would you would take with you to a desert island?
When I read this, I thought this is really difficult. I don't tend to re read books because I remember the stories too well, so once read, it holds no surprises for me anymore. There is however one book I could think of as a wracked my brain that is immune to this. That book is "The Little Princess" by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I remember I was bought it for Christmas one year when I was younger, and would sit up with a torch reading it on my top bunk bed in the dark. I would pretend I was Sara living in the cold attic! I could read that book again and again. Other than that I would have to find me another 7 "new" books I'd never read. Probably the latest James Patterson (he's my favourite author), a couple of good old fashioned murder mysteries (I do love my Agatha Christie) and autobiography about a favourite actor/actress (maybe River Phoenix), and a dessert island survival handbook. Music, I would take my own compilation which would have a bit of David Bowie, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Queen, Bryan Adams, some 60's tunes (think Heartbeat), maybe a few disney tracks like hawaiin rollercoaster from Lilo and Stitch and Let's go Fly a Kite from Mary Poppins, and some favourite love movie theme songs.

If you could go back and live in a past decade or century, when would you choose and why?
I truly believe I should not have been born in the 80's. Since I was about 12 I've gone through various fazes of wishing I'd lived in times gone by, from Medieval, Victorian to the 60's. I also think this is where my love for Costumes originated (did you know my intended career plan was to be a costume designer? I even worked in a costume shop for 2 years. Learn something new every day) but now for at least the past 4 years, I wish that I could have lived in the period from the 30's through to the 50's. I love the clothes (it's always about the clothes) I love the movies, I love the old movie star glamour and I really wish that some of that neighbourly feeling that was around then had lasted through to present day. It's sad that the idea of community is dwindling and people would rather keep themselves to themselves. That's also why we love living in a village where we still have some neighbourly feeling left. I also wish we still made more of an effort when we went out. Back then you wouldn't think of leaving the house without your hair and make up done, a hat on your head and gloves on. I'd go around dressed like that all time, but I think I would get funny looks, not least from Mr Bogert.

What is your favorite thing about creating something by hand?
It's like therapy! Having a bad day? Go make something. Bored? Go make something. I can't go a day without some sort of craft "fix". I start to get stroppy and grumbly. Ask Mr Bogert, he'll back me up on that one. Then the pleasure in seeing the finished creation and being able to say "I did that. All by myself." Achievement. No better feeling.


Please list three of your favorite things. Why are they favorites?
My sewing machine. It was my nan's but I used it frequently, then one year for my birthday, she gave it to me. It's my first machine that's all mine, and it's familiar and I love it. It's also well used!

My family. There maybe many things about my life that I would change, but with my family at the centre of my life being one thing I'm completely happy about, nothing else is that bad. That old saying about money not being able to buy happiness makes me smile, because I always say "I'm already happy, so now I'd just like more money so I can enjoy it!".

My third thing would have to be my camera. Well, it's mine and Mr Bogert's camera (and he knows how to use it more than me!). I think memories are very important, and I always worry I will forget things as I get older, so capturing those moments with the camera make me happy. They don't make my computer very happy though as I have thousands (not an exageration) of pictures saved on there! I'm also enjoying learning more about the camera with Mr Bogert at his photography club. It's great seeing the finished results! (a bit like crafting)

What could you eat/drink every single day and never grow tired of?
I'm generally a savoury girl and I love cheese in any form, so I think I could definitely manage to eat cheese potato pie every day. (I very nearly did eat it every day whilst I was pregnant. I had constant cravings for cheese and coca cola). I do have another sweeter love though which I think I could also manage, and that is cheesecake (any flavour) or key lime pie. Oooo! So yummy!

What is your favorite place? Will you describe it to us?
I wish I could say my craft room, but alas, I don't have one :( If I did, I'm sure that would be my favourite place, but as I don't, I would have to say the Lake District. Specifically Bowness-on-Windermere or Ambleside. So incredibly beautiful and peaceful. I love going on walks there, I love finding little gift shops with nice little nik naks in, I love sitting by a log fire when it's cold outside. The Lake District holds many memories for me, and not one of them is bad. We used to visit there camping when I was a kid, now we take Alexandra (and our friends) to the very same camp site. We rented lovely stone walled cottages for family holidays which I plan to do again with my family, and now every year we stay at the same hotel in Bowness for New Year celebrations with my mother in law and sister in law. It's a lovely way to welcome the new year. As soon as we get off the motorway and into the lakes, I feel like I'm home.

Thank you so much Vicky for giving us the chance to get to know you better! 

Be sure to stock up on Victoria's Christmas time goodies! If you notice on Alexandra's Wishes, she's going to have some SUPER CUTE gift tags listed for Christmas! Oh My! 
I can tell you first hand that Vicky's work is excellent and beautiful, she's very talented! 
Visit Vicky often! 

the good news and the bad news...

Ok. I am away from home getting my halloween costume made by a friend.  We didn't finish last night and I have some fittings today before I can go home and finish sewing it up on my trusty vintage Jones.
The good news is it should be done this afternoon....the bad news is I can't post my FABULOUS FRIEND until I get home and can get to my computer! Boooo! Hisss! I'm quickly borrowing a friend's laptop so I could let you know. I'm really sorry, I'm so excited about this week's Featured Friend too! Why don't you go take a sneak peek at Alexandra's Wishes today's Fabulous Friend!
I'd better get going so I can get home to introduce Victoria! She's worth the wait I assure you! She is FABULOUS!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

I'm off to see the wizard!

I'm off to my friend Jayne's! My bag is packed with pictures of Dorothy's dress and 3 meters of blue & white gingham! You have no idea how tempted I am to wear my ruby slippers on the bus!!!!!
By this time tomorrow I should have my very own Dorothy dress!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Trader Woos.

I like trading. A lot.
I used to trade graphic design work for getting my hair did by the most talented stylist in Charleston.

Now, thanks to Etsy I get to trade treasures for treasures all over the world!

Wanna see my most recent trades?!

Copper & Turquoise Acorn Necklace by Custom Vintage

Mint In My Champagne Chandelier Earrings by Leeya

Sweet Little Customized Pouch by Lucinda Ramsay

The Fisherman's Dream Charm Bracelet by my fave trader Katia of The Hen's Army!

Hip! Hip! Hooray for Trades!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

may your thoughts and prayers be with my friend.

in loving memory. from lindsey smith on Vimeo.

oh Lindsey, I'm so sorry. my heart is with your heart. I'm shedding tears for your tears.

Template Tuesday!

I found another blogger who shares templates on Tuesdays! FUN!

I thought Cindy Ferguson's Fall Equinox paper cutting design template was gorgeous so I just had to share!

"Here's what the template will look like. Remember, fold your paper and put the dotted line on the fold. Then cut out the inside bits first and then the outer lines. Careful not to cut the hinging parts on the dotted line."

You'll need to visit Cindy's blog to download the templates, you'll probably love her facebook fan page too!

Here are a couple more of Cindy's {free} gorgeous templates!




Fun soft cuddles from Sweet Tidings!

Just a quick reminder that it's getting closer to my necklace giveaway at Christy's adorable blog Sweet Tidings!

{look! it's my cuddly heart!}

Monday, 19 October 2009

Every Happiness

I am feeling extremely crabby and I don't know why {poor Mr Woo}.  I have decided to show you some things that have brought joy to me over the past few days to counteract my crabbiness.

This is John Joseph Rambo Robinson.

He is my friend's bunny, he is an extremely sweet bunny. 

I LOVE this gorgeous little deco teapot given to me by John's wonderful mommy.


Vintage board games and books also from John's mommy!





My new tiny sewing machine necklace!

Made for Mrs Woo by Mrs Woo! 

I don't have pictures from our adventure but my sweet Hus whisked me away the other day! It's not very often that we have a day out. We live on one income and Mr Woo's days off are not usually back to back.  Well, the other day I'd hardly slept. I was feeling horrid. I sank into a hot bath with a book while Mr Woo had a lie in on his day off.
When he got up he asked me to go on a date with him. OF COURSE I said YES! Off we went. We caught the bus to Chester and decided to be spontaneous and just jump on a train for the day! I ran to the loo and Mr Woo bought a couple of tickets and I didn't know where we were off to! I am terrible about surprises - I can't stand the wait, but even though I had my ticket in hand I didn't look! Mr Woo directed me to the correct platform as the train was pulling up. We jumped on & we were off to LIVERPOOL!
He treated me to a coffee & let me choose the restaurant once we arrived. Special times. I have been dying to try this 1950s American style restaurant! We sat around for about 10 minutes and never got service and it wasn't very we left. We headed up to our good ole standby The Egg Cafe.
Oh the Lovely Egg Cafe and it's lovely vegetarian delicacies. mmmmhmmm. We had a great long wander around the city that is going to be our home at the beginning of the new year. There is so much to do, and so much to look forward to.
I'm a worrier, so rather than worry myself back into crabbiness...

It is probably time for a nap! Hopefully I will wake up on the right side of the bed!

Friday, 16 October 2009


Introducing  ♕  Presentazione

{drum roll} {rullo di tamburo}

  The Hens Army - l'esercito delle galline !!!!!

Grab a latte and biscotti you're about to meet una signora bella {a lovely lady} from sunny Italy! Katia is a generous and creatively talented lover of things vintage, polka dot and cupcake.
Katia is, among many things, the creator behind  A Thousand Ideas in a Cup  {Mille Idee in una Tazza} blog and The Hen's Army {l'esercito delle galline} etsy shop! 

Katia's blog is in Italian but you can translate the entire page all at once with Babelfish!

{mw} Hello Katia :) Why don't you introduce yourself and tell as a little about YOU!

{tha} I love my name. I wouldn't have had a different one..I'm Italian, living in sunny south Italy. I have two girls, Angelica and Arianna, who are the best aim I could ever reach! I love them, they're my inspirations and guides. Angelica, the eldest says to me what to make, she's dramatically creative and I'm very proud of her. I'm a teacher, a french teacher, and my works with young people allow me not to get older:). I like everything cupcake, I pray angels, my daughter's name comes from this love for everything winged. i do love Great Britain, i have a particular attitude into recycling..and..of course i adore vintage. I'm vintage inspired in everything i made.

{mw} Your Etsy Shop has such a fun name {the hens army - l'esercito delle galline}! Where did that name come from?
{tha}My work let me stay home half a day. So in the afternoon my girls and I have so much fun. We play, we cook, we draw, we create, we dance and we sing...these last two inspired me in giving such name to the shop. We feel such happy hens all together. Army is ironically against everything not forget we're hens! We keep flowers under our arms and beads in the hands! {rather than guns!}

{mw} What was the last treasure that arrived in your mail?
{tha}Your cards Felicia of course! I love your work and the simple but treasured stuffs you do!

{I am blushing, big time!}

{mw} Where in the world would you like to visit? why?
{tha}As previously said I love Great Britain, i feel home there, everytime I come I feel better and better with my Scottish friends..however when I dream I do it about the for ever, the north globe islands {Scottish northern Isles} I would like to see closer.

What 8 records or books would you would take with you to a desert island?
  • I would take The Little Prince ------- I adore it!
  • Gibran's The Prophet
  • The Alchemist of Coelho and the fairy tales, not forgetting Chocolat, a beautiful story
  • Then, as I love the 1960 music I would keep the beatles with me, as much as Sade's songs and celtic music to find inspiration

If you could go back and live in a past decade or century, when would you choose and why?
Nice question:) if there is more than one life..and I strongly believe in that, I would have been in rural romantic england, in the countryside: I always dream a cottage in the fields with poor inside but with a fantastic sightseeing, I think it could be around 1800, considering the surroundings.

What is your favorite thing about creating something by hand?
I love to recycle. I recycle almost everything. Every jewel [I make] is made from recycled materials, every pouch too. It's quite hard for me to buy for creating, except the findings I need to make stuffs. My lucky is to own my granny storage box which is full of goodies, vintage and is enough for me to have a look inside o be inspired.. so I do not have a particular attitude. Everything depends on the day, the weather, the granny's magic box and what my children wants me to do.

Please list three of your favorite things. Why are they favorites?
I love walking along the seaside at sunset because you can be so close to nature.
I love cooking pasta, which is actually my favourite food.
I love making stuffs, as I imagine my ideas coming off my brain, from an idea to something.

What could you eat/drink every single day and never grow tired of?
Ohh, coffee, of course..I'm a coffee addict! I drink alot of coffee every day. It is a way to feel better, to stay with friends, to share moods. I think you should feel similar when drinking tea.
{I totally agree Katia,  I am a tea addict! But in honor of Katia I had a cup of coffee while writing this blog entry }
What is your favorite place? Will you describe it to us?
My favourite place is my incredibly full of stuffs crafty room.a sewing machine, lots of sheets and fabrics, ribbons, buttons, tons of beads, wires and magazines. a couple of soft winged plumed angels watching over me, 2 pictures of my girls, a mp3 to hear good music.. it's simply my world. I know that when I came inside I go out with something new, swirly, creative. I would stay there for ages.

Here are a few of Katia's wonderful treasures from The Hen's Army shop


please enjoy and visit often x

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

i'm not allowed to blog or facebook anymore today!

I have obviously done both...
...but I have so much to do I'm not allowing myself any more internet crafty goodness distractions until the laundry is put away and I've completed my list of things that don't get done because I am too busy working on my Farmtown farm! I'm so embarrassed! I do have a Farmtown farm and I'm nearly level 25!!!
I'm grumbling at myself for both being a slacker...and for not allowing myself any more craft

I'm going {for now...}.

I did find How About Orange before I told myself to get to work. Enjoy.

I can't, I'll be making beds, doing laundry and dishes.....vacuuming....  taking the garbage out......

I do feel very, very sorry for myself right now.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Template Tuesday {PUMPKIN CARVING!}

As a child carving pumpkins was one of my favourite halloween traditions...however we always made such a mess of our poor pumpkins. The sad things would end up with crooked grins with broken teeth, triangles for eyes...sometimes worse. I recognise the smell of jack-o-lanterns burning by unattended candles at 50 paces!
In recent years I've noticed the trend of really nice carved pumpkins, I'd even go so far as to say some of them are beautiful works of art! In no way like my childhood frankensteinian carvings!

❧ I've seen monograms which are gorgeous ❧

❧ And of course portraits ❧

{copyright Hailey James!}

I hadn't thought about carving a pumpkin in my entire adult life until I found these lovely Victorian Gothic Etched Silhouette pumpkin templates and how to from Martha Stewart {I especially like the candelabra and feather!}! And THEN remembered the amazing freehand Che Guevara portrait my friend Hailey carved! No more pitiful swiss army teeth pumpkin faces for me! I am inspired!


Top Bing