Sunday, 20 December 2009

I'm back y'all! And it's snowing!

I'm back! My time back home in Charleston was AH-MAZING! It gets harder to leave each time :(

{me & my mommy}

{me & my Jessica}
I spent a lot of time with my besties and their babies!(minus my little Mexican honey bun who lives in NY!)! What precious, precious times!

 {me & baby Titus x}

{oh sweet tea and fried do I love thee....let me count the ways}

I also got to catch up with my cousins who are 82 and 66! I had not seen them since I was in high school.
{me and my cousin Andy}

My cousin Camille spoilt me rotten! She made fresh fruit smoothies every single morning! I got to spend time with my Aunt Janet making a 60th birthday collage for my mom to surprise her at her party - it went really, really well.
My mom spoiled me too!

and guess what?...

that is the Palmetto Moon, the image from the South Carolina State flag. I fought being southern all growing up. I had no desire to identify with where I was living. My family is from NY and that's how I wanted it to stay! How things change. When I moved to the UK I really began to appreciate the culture that I grew up in and now I can say with pride that I am a Carolina Girl!...hence the tattoo :)

I have so much more to share! In the mean time I am trying to track down lost luggage and get back on UK time!

Here are a few albums for you to see what I got up to!


  1. welcome back home felicia..we missed u!!!!

  2. Glad you had such a lovely time :)

  3. Glad you had an awesome time! Sad I missed seeing you. :( I can't believe you got a southern tattoo.. never would guess that in a million years, but the south has sort of grown on me too..crazy how time and experiences changes things! I think the old high school crew needs to get matching tazmanian devil and tweety bird tattos!! ;)


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