Wednesday, 4 November 2009

What a sleepy day!

Baby it's cold outside! It's raining too!

I spent yesterday helping my friend move house. We carried lots of boxes full of pink,  kitchen items & vintage treasures! It took about twice as long as we'd expected, my poor friend is fighting a chest infection and the weather is not helping one little bit! The longer nights and shorter cloudy days have been going a long way to making me want to hibernate like this little guy!

  He's got the right idea!

Mr Woo has been feeling very sleepy too. We both got back around 6 last night and went straight to bed! I don't think we meant to fall asleep but we did! I got up around 1am. I fell back to sleep around 3. I got up feeling pretty chipper but by lunch time it was dark and raining again....Mr Woo came in feeling sleepy too...I had a podcast playing. We crawled back under the covers and listened to War of the Worlds!

When Mr Woo went back to work I was too cozy to get back I laid there like a slug. I woke up about 2 hours later! I made plans to go help my friend unpack in her new place, so not much crafty stuff has been going on these days. I have a list of "to-dos" - finish a necklace, finish some ornaments, price some stuff, get ready for my first craft fair! I'll be having a jewelery party at a friend's mom's house before Christmas too!

Well I'm off just now to the MIL's for pizza and wine and making a decoration! We'll be picking Mr Woo up on the way too! Larry, the BIL, is coming over too as is the Woo's newest family member! It is gonna be a party! 

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  1. hi felicia! it happens sometimes..the best thing to do is to follow your moods..even staying in bed for days:)
    it means you needed to!


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