Sunday, 22 November 2009

One Craft Fair Under My Crafty Belt!

Hooray! We did it! It was so much fun & boy was I tired! We were up late making scarves and chocolates and cakes!
I dragged myself out of bed after a few hours sleep bagged the chocolates & cakes and had a mere one cup of tea!
Bags and boxes packed into the car Jayne & I were off to the Kelsall Community Centre!
The place was already hopping with people setting up their stalls so we unloaded and started setting up our table, number 8 it was. 
And here we are!

Jayne busy crocheting away!

Me at my first craft fair stall!

 Me looking busy....

We might have made it into the Chester Chronicle too! I'll have to check on Thursday!
We were even invited to take part in a fair happening at the same place next Sunday! So if you couldn't come see us yesterday there's still another chance next Sunday!!!!


  1. Oh, you look adorable sitting at that table!! Maybe one day I'll get the courage to do a show- I can't see it happening any time soon, though!

  2. felicia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna come too!!!!!! i love fairies..but here we do not use to! good luck, very very very happy sales

  3. Awesome! Hope you did great! :) Love the christmas tree- did you decorate it??

  4. I did decorate the tree :)
    It's decorated with stuff I've made! Jewelery, ornaments, etc! We only had one tiny table to we had to get creative! I can't wait for this weekend's craft fair to be over so I can put the tree up in my house!!!!


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