Thursday, 12 November 2009

I Has Losted My Marbles!

I know how you feel kitty, I know how you feel.
I've had one of those months when my marbles have gone missing. I really do want to find them and get back into my groove! Really I do!
Sorry about Tuesday you guys...I totally forgot about posting a template DUH!
Since I've been so out of it I haven't hunted down any fab friend to interview for tomorrow, so maybe it'll be my turn to dish out the answers and show you what projects I've been working on!

In the meantime, while I'm off hunting my marbles I'll leave you to look at some photos of presents I've received over the past few days from two of the most lovely, generous people I've ever met! I have no idea what I could have ever done to deserve such kindness - but rather than ponder the mystery I will enjoy the shower of loveliness x

Feast your peepers on this vintage babe! The friend who gave me her cold also gave me this fantastic dress form! Thanks so much Jaynie Waynie!!!! The "TwinFit" came to me in it's original box & with original instructions! Classssic 1960s goodness! But I think this actual dress form is from the '74 according to the delivery slip that is still with the box. The lovely curves you see belong to our lovely french fancy Floriane! Floriane came over from France to do a work placement in Chester several months ago now - we miss her but she left us a little something to remember her by x. In memory of our French friend's visit the dress form is affectionately called Floriane :)
There is a modern Twin-Fit but it's so totally not the same!
I am so looking forward to actually attempting to use the dress form to make some clothes, even though it does look so good just hanging out next to my computer!

Next I'd like to show you a total surprise that arrived from Italy yesterday!!!

I do not have words to express how I felt opening that wonderful parcel only to find treasure after treasure waiting to be unwrapped! My heart was so full. I just kept saying - "you've done too much". A few of the items {the rings and vintage doilies} included were items I had agreed a trade for with my dear friend Katia for handmade cards...however...she has spoilt me! She not only crammed that box full of such special things that I know will have come from her own home and her own Grandmother's trunk of treasures - but look at how gorgeously she decorated the box! It will have taken a lot of time! It's absolutely wonderful! I do hope her girls, the other hens in the army, helped! There is thought behind each item. They are all special to me. How can I ever find the words to explain how touched and how grateful I am.  Grazie con tutto il mio cuore Katia x

 Following Dorothy's lead............
I'M GOING HOME!!!!!!!!

I've been desperately trying to find a way to go back home for my Mom's 60th birthday party. The whole family is chipping in for a plane ticket and I'm coming home next month for about 10 days! 

'cause we all know.....THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME!

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  1. LOVE that dress form! Thanks for the lovely comment, you are so right, Charleston is a great place!



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