Monday, 9 November 2009

The Dreaded Lurgi!

The Lurgi is rather similar to the cooties. However, it's also a nasty cold or any other general icky poorliness. I was struck down by the dreaded lurgi early in the week last week. *gasp!* I'm still feeling pretty yuck :(

I have spent more time than usual in bed but also doing a lot of running around helping friends move house, helping out in friend's shops, celebrating birthdays, making attempts at laundry & tidying our home. All of the flapping around kept the lurgi hanging around.

I spent yesterday napping and making a birthday carrot cake before heading up to a birthday soon as I can figure out how to move photos from my phone memory to the memory card I'll post pictures!

Here are a few summer pictures and recent makes on facebook! I'm working on trying to track down some of my Dorothy pictures!!! Turns out there aren't many :<

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