Thursday, 19 November 2009

Christmas Craft Fair

T-minus 2 days until my first craft fair! I'm really ready for Saturday to get here! I've been crafting and crafting and procrastinating so that I wouldn't have to craft anymore! My friend Jayne is partnering with me on Saturday - HOORAY! I don't know how I'd make it through the day without her! Jayne has been in retail for years and has done lots and lots of fairs so I'll be taking mental note of how she does things! Plus Jayne has insisted on giving me half of whatever money she makes. I refused saying it wasn't fair to her as I hadn't done any work and then she said if I didn't take it she wouldn't come....and I am pretty sure she meant it. All she wants is some American cake mix. Devil's food to be exact! I think I'd better take a trip out to SAMs club for an equally generous gift for Jayne!

My ETSY shop will be on vacation for the day on Saturday as everything is going out on the stall! Not only are we going to have a table, but I'm bringing my Christmas tree to decorate with jewelery which will be for sale! Jayne is coming over tomorrow night for pizza & so that we can get our heads together and be ready for Saturday morning 8:45!
If you've gotten to know me a bit by now you will know how I feel about crafts AND Christmas.
Please try to imagine my excitement about Saturday:

  1. A craft fair
  2. A Christmas craft fair
  3. Christmas music
  4. SANTA!
  5. Crafting all day with my friend
  6. The first mince pies of the season (Jayne and I are both waiting for Saturday to have our first mince pies of the year!)
  7. Making money to buy Christmas presents and spending money for my trip home while helping a good cause!  

    This fair at the Kelsall Community Centre  is being hosted by Ashworth Time Bank. Ashworth Time Bank is a charity that assists the elderly and others who live in rural areas and who need a bit of help so that they can remain independent for longer and help to build community. People "exchange" assistance. Some of the examples given as "exchanges" are giving lifts, Shopping or doing errands for people, Doing simple housework, gardening, babysitting, 
    Telephoning people who are lonely, Visiting people at home or in hospital,
    Letter writing and helping with form filling,
    Sharing skills in music, woodwork, fitness, computers, knitting, & sewing.
    How lovely is that?! I really like the idea of neighbor helping neighbor like in the old days.

    SO if you're anywhere near or kinda nearish Kelsall on Saturday between 10 & 4 come on down! Support me & Jayne and AW Time Bank! How can you say "no" to Christmas crafty goodness, mince pies and SANTA!!!!?!


    1. Good luck, have heaps of fun and don't forget to take a piccie of your stall to show us all :)


    whatcha thinkin' love?

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