Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Better Make Like a Cowgirl....

and get back in the saddle!

YEEEEEHAAAW! Y'all! It's Tuesday!
So ya know what that means!


Here's a vintage horsey for all you cowgirls & boys!

Man, oh man, it has been a crazy week! I'm exhausted! Lots of pictures to upload if only I could find my camera...
I've only done a wee simple post. I just wanted to get back in touch and routine! My home is needing some serious attention as is the large pile of job applications, mountain of laundry & dirty dishes, not to mention orders I need to complete...
I'd better stop there before I turn into a Screaming Mimi as my dad used to call me sometimes {I've only just remembered that!!!}
I just googled Screaming Mimi for the first time....thanks a lot Dad! Geez!!! I prefer some of the other nicknames he had for me I think!

{p.s. I did manage to finish the 100th birthday card for a lady in our village! 100 years old today! I'll post pix later}.

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