Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Template Tuesday {PUMPKIN CARVING!}

As a child carving pumpkins was one of my favourite halloween traditions...however we always made such a mess of our poor pumpkins. The sad things would end up with crooked grins with broken teeth, triangles for eyes...sometimes worse. I recognise the smell of jack-o-lanterns burning by unattended candles at 50 paces!
In recent years I've noticed the trend of really nice carved pumpkins, I'd even go so far as to say some of them are beautiful works of art! In no way like my childhood frankensteinian carvings!

❧ I've seen monograms which are gorgeous ❧

❧ And of course portraits ❧

{copyright Hailey James!}

I hadn't thought about carving a pumpkin in my entire adult life until I found these lovely Victorian Gothic Etched Silhouette pumpkin templates and how to from Martha Stewart {I especially like the candelabra and feather!}! And THEN remembered the amazing freehand Che Guevara portrait my friend Hailey carved! No more pitiful swiss army teeth pumpkin faces for me! I am inspired!



  1. Those carved pumpkins look fantastic! Great post! Best wishes, C.

  2. That Martha Stewart! She's just magical pants lady. She could probably carve pumpkins in her sleep.


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