Wednesday, 28 October 2009

may I please be excused...

Dear Friends,

It is a madhouse in the Woo-house. I'm finishing off my Dorothy dress...this is a way bigger job that I thought it was gonna be. I've just been asked to make a cloak for Mr. Woo {I've not done it before...I'm not a strong sew-er....I've had loads of help on my costume from Jayne}.
We're animal sitting for Mr Woo's parents so we're flying back and forth between houses for the next few days. My house is a wreck! The party we're going to is Friday....we're moving a friend in on Sunday....the pet owner in laws don't return until sometime on Monday... It's non-stop until I was wondering....may I please be excused from blogging for a few days until the madness stops! Once all of this weekend's madness stops I can get on with the house/job hunting/etsy shop stocking/house cleaning/Christmas preparing madness.


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