Saturday, 10 October 2009

jumble sale treasures!

entry £1.
Mrs Beeton book 50p.
all the rest 60p!

I'm thrilled with everything I found, but here are some close ups of my faves!

the dainty miss x

i just love the shape of this cup!

this tea tin has obviously been well loved - it has signs of having spent years on someone's kitchen counter near the cooker. I wonder if it always housed tea bags...
I've never had such a pretty glass!

I am feeling extremely satisfied and all I spent was £2.10!!!!


  1. gosh, lovely sweet treasures! i love the pretty pretty glass!

  2. I love your finds! I would love to see how you display your cute vintage stuff, or do you put it in cabinets to use it?? Keep posting your awesome "jumble sale" finds! I love it. If I posted my garage sale finds on my blog, it'd be a big picture of fisher price toys and footed pj's. Lol. Yours are much more interesting. ;)

  3. haha! One day you'll have to sew all of the footed PJs together into a super giant footed quilt!
    I wish I had some place to display my finds, I don't at the moment, so I do use them sometimes.

  4. Oh, I loooooove all your treasures!! I am jealous. Wonderful finds! :)

  5. great finds


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