Thursday, 22 October 2009

I'm off to see the wizard!

I'm off to my friend Jayne's! My bag is packed with pictures of Dorothy's dress and 3 meters of blue & white gingham! You have no idea how tempted I am to wear my ruby slippers on the bus!!!!!
By this time tomorrow I should have my very own Dorothy dress!


  1. I hope we get to see the finished artical :) (I did Dorothy for fancy dress one christmas, but my dress was extremely rushed together the evening before we went out)

  2. Very fun! Is this going to be your halloween costume?

  3. Ok...slight delay....hopefully the dress will be finished today! Have no fear there will be lots of pictures!
    Hey Tia! Thanks so much for reading & leaving comments! It is gonna be my halloween costume, I'm going to a Haunted Burlesque event. We were supposed to be something scary, but I don't care! I love Dorothy! :)


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