Monday, 12 October 2009

I'm falling for Fall!

Autumn is my 2nd most favorite time of year, because as we know, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Coming from South Carolina where we only have two seasons {hot and not as hot}. Then moving to Scotland where there is only one season {cold}, I am absolutely delighted to experience the changing of seasons here in rural England. I was charmed by spring and the green appearing everywhere followed by the explosion of flowers. Summer was full of bumbling bees and blackberries.
But, now, everything is going golden!
The days are growing shorter and the air is becoming crisp! The apple trees are growing very heavy with their bounty! The green grocers are heaving with pumpkins and squash. Sweaters, boots and scarves in rich jewel and earthy colors are appearing in the shop windows. I'm going to burst with the pleasure of it all!
I'm feeling the need to gather & nest. If I could knit sweaters and jumpers I would. Alas I can only knit & purl scarves. I have two on the go! One in a rich purple the other in earthy green.

{i decided to take this chance to show off my vintage yarn holder thingy too!}


I visited my Mother in Law on Saturday and Sunday, part of that time was spent at the bottom of the garden picking apples.

One of the US autumn staples I really miss is canned pumpkin. Some people might be gagging right now...but you have no idea how nice it is to have it on hand! I have found it in one shop in Edinburgh and it costs about £3/$6 for one small can! Oh Libby's how I miss your select Pumpkin goodness!
How will I make pumpkin bread, pumpkin soup, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin milkshake without you!?!

Yes, I do go through this every year.
Never-mind. I'll get over it.

Thank you The Graphics Fairy for finding that gorgeous acorn and for letting us have it!


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  2. Hey, there's no shame in canned pumpkin! Mmmmmm!


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