Friday, 23 October 2009

the good news and the bad news...

Ok. I am away from home getting my halloween costume made by a friend.  We didn't finish last night and I have some fittings today before I can go home and finish sewing it up on my trusty vintage Jones.
The good news is it should be done this afternoon....the bad news is I can't post my FABULOUS FRIEND until I get home and can get to my computer! Boooo! Hisss! I'm quickly borrowing a friend's laptop so I could let you know. I'm really sorry, I'm so excited about this week's Featured Friend too! Why don't you go take a sneak peek at Alexandra's Wishes today's Fabulous Friend!
I'd better get going so I can get home to introduce Victoria! She's worth the wait I assure you! She is FABULOUS!

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