Monday, 19 October 2009

Every Happiness

I am feeling extremely crabby and I don't know why {poor Mr Woo}.  I have decided to show you some things that have brought joy to me over the past few days to counteract my crabbiness.

This is John Joseph Rambo Robinson.

He is my friend's bunny, he is an extremely sweet bunny. 

I LOVE this gorgeous little deco teapot given to me by John's wonderful mommy.


Vintage board games and books also from John's mommy!





My new tiny sewing machine necklace!

Made for Mrs Woo by Mrs Woo! 

I don't have pictures from our adventure but my sweet Hus whisked me away the other day! It's not very often that we have a day out. We live on one income and Mr Woo's days off are not usually back to back.  Well, the other day I'd hardly slept. I was feeling horrid. I sank into a hot bath with a book while Mr Woo had a lie in on his day off.
When he got up he asked me to go on a date with him. OF COURSE I said YES! Off we went. We caught the bus to Chester and decided to be spontaneous and just jump on a train for the day! I ran to the loo and Mr Woo bought a couple of tickets and I didn't know where we were off to! I am terrible about surprises - I can't stand the wait, but even though I had my ticket in hand I didn't look! Mr Woo directed me to the correct platform as the train was pulling up. We jumped on & we were off to LIVERPOOL!
He treated me to a coffee & let me choose the restaurant once we arrived. Special times. I have been dying to try this 1950s American style restaurant! We sat around for about 10 minutes and never got service and it wasn't very we left. We headed up to our good ole standby The Egg Cafe.
Oh the Lovely Egg Cafe and it's lovely vegetarian delicacies. mmmmhmmm. We had a great long wander around the city that is going to be our home at the beginning of the new year. There is so much to do, and so much to look forward to.
I'm a worrier, so rather than worry myself back into crabbiness...

It is probably time for a nap! Hopefully I will wake up on the right side of the bed!


  1. Are you moving? Also, love the things given to you by John's mummy. Cluedo is my all time favourite board game, but Mr Bogert doesn't like playing it with me. He says he never wins.

  2. We are moving, but not until after Christmas thankfully! We live above a butcher shop and the butcher starts very noisily and very early - Mr Woo couldn't take it anymore - this was supposed to be a temporary stop over anyhow. I will miss my sunny flat.
    I have to admit I have never had the patience to finish a game of Clue {as we call it in America}. Mr Woo loves games, he's most excited about scrabble...I'm not as excited, I'm not a great speller and his vocabulary is twice the size of mine!

  3. Hi!! How wonderful about your sweet, surprise date in Liverpool! I am BEYOND jealous! It sounds like so much fun. I also think it is pretty crappy that the restaurant didn't serve you for so long that you had to leave- what bad service!

    Anyhow, cheer up! There's a girl in Illinois who thinks you are the bees knees. (lol, did I just type that out loud?)..



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