Saturday, 3 October 2009

Close the Loop!

Recycle Reduce Reuse and close the Loop!

I'm all about closin that loop y'all.

In our house if it's got the logo, it's gonna be recycled.
Unless it can be reused that is. Old sauce jars become new jam jars, old clothes that have no more wear become new fabric. I don't buy new packaging for my etsy shop either, it's all recycled. We recycle food too. Stale bread becomes bread crumbs. Bananas that go brown become banana bread {unlike the queen, I can not eat a brown banana - seriously gross}. I even ask the butcher downstairs to save little bits of chicken for Poppy.
I am learning about and loving the Make do and Mend ethos.
If we had any garden at all I would compost everything.
Waste Not, Want Not. I can not stand waste!
Much to Mr Woo's dismay I pick things up off of the ground all of the time. If it can be reused I'm not gonna leave it there to ruin! No way Mr!

What's a fun way you recycle that you maybe came up with yourself? You clever clogs you!

Here's a easy recycling/upcycling project idea I thought I'd share.

How to make cute RRR ribbons from Mayari ReCreation:

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  1. I do enjoy your blog. I do enjoy closing the loop myself. I keep all my bits and peices, I also like to use eco friendly felt. Makes me feel good....then stuff that with eco friendly fluff (made from corn) and you can have one eco friendly stuffie.

    p.s. I dont knwo how to do photo collages but I think most people do it flickr. Trying to figure that one out.


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