Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Tutorial Tuesday!


Most importantly I want to congratulate one of my bestfriends and one of my breath-taking bride's maids on the arrival of her 3rd little boy! Congratulations my Love! What a magnificent chapter that has begun to unfold! I love you so!



{you've got to look down the right side for my etsy shop logo, but keep your eyes on Sweet Tidings blog because I'm doing a giveaway!!!!!}


  1. Go you! How did you get into that?

  2. Sweet Tidings did a post asking for people to take part SO I DID IT! I'm super duper excited!...just trying to figure out what to give away in the give away :/

  3. So cool! What a cool blog too.. so many great ideas! Speaking of, I thought this was neat. This is a blog of a family who leads- who the husband writes for Hillsongs/United (label that they play for anyways) and is a worship leader for a huge church in Atl, Ga. Anyways, it's a fun blog to follow, great family night ideas. I thought this seemed like a fun/cheap/easy purse project, if unlike me, you can sew!! You should check it out!

  4. OooOOo I'm takin a look right now! I shall have to give it a go!
    haha! her "model" is so mad! That's soooo funny!
    Thanks Coco!


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