Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Tea Towel Tuesday!

Not just any old tea towel of course! This gorgeous tea towel is being sold to help fund a trip back to Scotland for some dear friends of mine!

Brad & Colleen Franklin are such a lovely couple! I met them while I was on a discipleship training course in Scotland in 2004. Brad was he caretaker of the Seamill Centre, we never appreciated how much work he did until his post was finished and we were left to tidy after ourselves! His gorgeous wonderful wife Colleen kept the gardens, she planted so many beautiful things. My favorite flower in the Seamill garden was this checkered flower, I thought it only existed in the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, but there it was in real life thanks to Colleen!
Besides helping to give us beautiful surroundings Brad & Colleen gave us so much warmth, love and encouragement and we shared lots and lots of laughs! Colleen was our resident knitting instructor as well, I can't count how many berets and stocking caps she helped create!
Originally from California, keen on vintage, and extremely creative both Brad & Colleen are cooler than cool!
They introduced me to the craziest film I'd ever seen - The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T. !
I have so much admiration for this kind couple. Just before the end of our course in Scotland B&C announced that they were gonna be parents! Oh the joy! Gracie joined the family in 2005 followed by baby brother Henry earlier this year. Talk about some absolutely adoreable kids!!!!
They do such wonderful creative things with the kids {I secretly wish they were my parents}. I believe Gracie has been learning to play the ukulele just like her dad :)

Scotland is a very special place to the group of us who lived in West Kilbride for that short time. More than half of the class has returned. I spent three years in Scotland after my DTS and I loved it, you and I have a unique opportunity to help support and encourage the Franklin's return to West Kilbride {and get a really pretty tea towel in the process!}.

They are returning to Scotland with friends and a purpose in the summer of 2010.
A group from Vintage Faith Church going to West Kilbride, Scotland in June 2010. Will spend 2 weeks partnering with YWAM working with a local group dedicated to rejuvenating the town through various gardening projects. This trip is for people who want to share the love of Jesus in a practical , creative and unusual way with the people of West Kilbride.

As of this morning the tea towels are available!!!!

Can't join us in Scotland? Now you can buy one of these beautiful 2010 calendar tea towels via Paypal. Our business name is "Vintage Gardeners go to Scotland 2010." In addition to funding our food and lodging while we're there, th...ey make excellent calendars. And they dry things!! $10 apiece! Perfect Christmas gifts! It's like a telethon. 10 more orders and I'll put the movie back on!

I'm gonna order one or two for myself {one to use and one to keep}, one for my mom & one for my mother in law! I can hardly wait!
Trust me when I say beautiful tea towels of Scotland are few and far between! I guess that is unless you think bright red tartan and cartoons of highland cows and Nessie are beautiful.

This one is a cracker!

Please support the Franklins I love them to bits!

If you would like more information or wanna hear more of their story you can email Brad at: vfcscotland@gmail.com

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  1. Oh my sweet goodness! Felicia, I had no idea you had this fabulous blog, and that we'd get such a delightful write-up! Thanks, girl! And believe me, the feeling is mutual! Props to our graphic designer friend, Cheryl Isaacson, who designed this tea towel for us.....


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