Saturday, 12 September 2009

some things what i like.

Organising things.
If organisation had a fan club, I would be president. I have those plastic pockets coming out of my ears! If it'll fit in a protective cover, it's goin in. My magazines are all in file boxes, I have ring binders for recipes, bills, patterns, Christmas and more. I had a wedding planner AND ring binder. I believe in the saying "A Place for everything and everything has it's place". Watch out! I will organise you.

* This site is a goodie for getting your household organised!

Not just vintage items, but my romanticized ideas of a lifetime before mine. When I look at
photos from the past I feel a longing, as though I missed out on something special. I sometimes feel like I was born at the wrong time. Do you know what I mean? I love the fashion and housewares from before the 1960s. I fantasize about having a victory garden and making all of my clothes by hand. Don't get me wrong - I am very happy with the advances we enjoy in modern life. But wouldn't you much rather correspond through letters than email? I do. I prefer listening to old fashioned radio shows to watching television.

The Beach.
I was pretty much raised at the beach, in or near water. I can remember having to be pulled from the water because I was completely pruned. I don't remember learning to swim, I just remember always swimming. I don't have a memory of my first time on a boat, only being on boats through out my childhood. When my mother would brave taking the 4 of us to the beach on her own the rule was we could not enter the water until she reached the beach. I would take off running and wait at the edge of the water until I could see her appear over the sand dunes - if I had her within eyeshot and her feet touched sand then I was obeying, technically. I love the smell of salt water and pluff mud. The sound of the surf will instantly relax every fiber of my being. You can keep the mountains and the moors, give me the beach any day.


I don't consider myself a risk taker. I'm probably not going to bungee jump or leave home without painkillers or IBS tablets. I like to have a plan. But my heart soars at the idea of embarking on something new! I love taking the train. I didn't grow up around L trains or subways. We certainly didn't have the great public transport that is available over here in Britain. So boarding a train, whether I'm headed to work or to visit someone or just for a day out, feels like I am about to leave on safari! I love train tickets, I love the sound of the cars on the tracks, I LOVE IT! I enjoy the journey and looking at the land as we pass by. Scotland has the best views from the train if you ask me.

Going on a walk through the forest counts as an adventure to me. It's exploring! There is so much to discover. I like to take my time and take it all in. I will make sure no nook or cranny goes unsearched.

Adventures are best when it's sunny.


  1. I am just like you! I was born in the wrong time, for sure...

    P.S. I cannot see any of the pictures above- I can only see the file names in a little box. I wonder why?

  2. sorry about the smooshed links! they're fixed now :D

  3. I think we must have been seperated at birth. Seriously. The organising things, the love of a time gone by, the beach, and trains are my favourite way to travel. The only thing I'm lacking is the ability to swim. I can't seem to get anything to float apart from my bum! :D


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