Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Lovliness Strikes Again!

It was about a week ago I think that I was telling you about my sweet friend who sent a wonderful handmade gift. Well, another sweet friend, who I also haven't met in person yet, also sent a wonderful handmade gift! This is Mrs Woo! She is a Boogerelli {I can't bring myself to say what a Boogerelli is! You'll have to find out yourself}! Mrs Woo likes to spend time in the kitchen with the other Mrs Woo {me!}, although little Mrs Woo is too pretty to get ruined by spills and splashes! She even came with her own little cookie!!!! HOW CUTE IS THAT?!

Thank you so much Shannon for your encouragement, thoughtfulness & creativity. Mini Mrs Woo came to cheer me up while I waited for my visa application to go through! She is pink! She is fab! And she really makes me smile!!!! So I would say, mission accomplished.
What a treasure!



  1. Dear Felicia,
    Am I ever glad you got her in the mail! I hope she is a good help to you in the kitchen! (((Hugs)))


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