Monday, 28 September 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas???

Well, maybe not exactly...but I need it to! I've got to get my head into Christmas craft mode! I've got an order for Christmas cards needing to be done!

I LOVE * LOVE * LOVE Christmas! I've been asking Mr Woo if I can put the tree up. He just shakes his head {but I'm serious!}!
I am desperate to start baking Christmas cookies, cakes, gingerbread & mince pies. I want to make chocolates too this year. I'm so far planning to make all of my gifts. Partly out of necessity, and partly to keep to the handmade pledge.
I'm so excited about the open air Christmas markets & decorations going up! By the time Christmas actually arrives I'm ready to burst! Last year I got married a month before Christmas so it sort of sneaked up on me!

I loved Christmas music and decorations as a child. In fact I listened to the Bing Crosby White Christmas 8 track tape allllll year! My dad gave me an old 8 track stereo and a few tapes for my 10th birthday. Among those tapes were White Christmas and the South Pacific soundtrack. I don't know if I actually ever listened to any of the other tapes. Bizarre isn't it!?! Other kids were discovering Tiffany and Gun n Roses. NOT ME! All I wanted was to sing along to Christmas in Killarney & Mele Kalikimaka at the top of my lungs in April!
I would pull out my grand parent's Christmas decorations in the summer to set up around the basement {i had to put them right back away to avoid a cross Grandma}. I seem to remember having garland up in my bed room long after Christmas was over. The 12 days of Christmas my foot! I wanted the 12 months of Christmas!

OOOOh yes! I've actually got clips of White Christmas playing in the background on amazon! It's wonderful! Good ole Bing is getting the Christmas juices flowing! I can almost hear the weird sound effect of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer's glowing nose! If only A Christmas Story & Christmas Vacation were on!!!!! It's already cold here so that helps too.
I could do with an egg nog or hot apple cider {maybe even a Bailey's!} for my card making venture.

Do tell, What do you do to get in the Christmas mood?


  1. Ooo! Ooo! Ooo! I looooove Christmas, but I'm really lucky that the only person that loves christmas more than me is my husband! Yay! We have to curb our enthusiasm until the very start of December though so as not to spoil the small person's birthday which is 29th Nov. Then we decorate the tree together (Alex has a small one in her room)and putting the star on top is the most important job, hang the stockings all the way down the stairs (everyone who visits us on xmas day has a stocking with their name on) and we do tons of things in the run up. Make cards and gift tags and loads of other crafty things (home and toddler group), everyone has a new tree decoration every year, Mr Bogert helps alex bake on xmas eve (usually something for Santa) and he makes egg nog and mulled wine. We go to the church carols (and this year they're having a tree festival which I'm taking part in with toddler group), there are certain movies that MUST be watched (including home alone 2)and we go and see a panto the week before xmas day. We play nothing but xmas music all month. Mr Bogert always has to have a real tree out on the front lawn aswell. He decorates it with lights and calls it "Bob". We also have our annual xmas fancy dress pub crawl with our friends the last Saturday before xmas day. Xmas traditions other than the stockings, baking and tree decorations? We put out things for Santa on xmas eve, then exchange one gift each (just a small token). Santa always fills everones stocking when he visits and leaves Alex's in her bedroom, he also leaves the magic Santa key on our tree (we don't have a chimney) ready for next year. We have an xmas gathering on the 27th of every year for all of our friends, then we go away for new year with Mr Bogert's mum and sister to the lake district. God I could go on and on and on and on..... (and I have. Never get me started about xmas!)

  2. i'm afraid, yes!! We'll be putting up the xmas tree next week!

  3. Ahhhh, Christmas lovers unite. Seriously, every line of your post was like, yes- yes- yes! The earliest Guillermo lets me put the tree up is Thanksgiving weekend. Last year I started listening to pretty much all Christmas music in October, but I always celebrate Christmas in July by listening to some Christmas music. This weekend we watched The Polar Express- ahh, Christmas. I had a Christmas themed wedding. Yesterday I was looking at a Christmas craft magazine and dreamed about making some of the items- I want to be a real crafty girl, I need time and patience to make it happen- hopefully I'll gain both over the years. Anyways, what gets me in the Christmas mode changes through the years, but in the past several years, it's still the Mariah Carey Christmas album (still my favorite) followed up by the Transiberian Christmas albums, then the originals. And I watch Elf and Polar Express many times. The moment we all get home, especially on Fridays, we all put our pajamas on and eat lots of food and this year, we're starting to have movie nights with Judah. I can't wait to hear more of your Christmas plans! You need to find the most quaint Thomas Kinkaide place in all of England for me and have good Christmas-y thought for me!

  4. hi felicia! yes, we're all xmas addicts! even if i think in places such as scotlans chistams is much more beautiful then here:(
    my daughters ask me to make a tree as soon as we can. so we think to make it midnovember..cinnamon cookies have been already baked:)

  5. I will do it Courtney!!! Oh man! If it snows this year you're gonna get the best Thomas KinKaidey pictures possible! Maybe I'll even try to get to a German Christmas market - that is my ultimate is Christmas lover heaven! I've gotta do it!!!!

    What's this about cinnamon cookies Katia? My Italian family made fig cookies for Christmas. Is this your own tradition?

  6. no, in yours!! my scottish neighbours are sooo sweet. we have baked tons of cinnamon and spices cookies last week!
    but today, we have lunch all togheter: pasta, pasta and pasta..i cook..of course!

  7. mmmm pasta. i make pizza every friday.
    do you have a recipe you could share for those cinnamon cookies???


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