Saturday, 5 September 2009

i am too excited!

I am about as excited as this woman is to have sparkling pans! However my excitement has nothing to do with housework {it rarely does}.
  1. I have gotten into doing trades with people on Etsy. It is brilliant! I have gotten a few really wonderful things but for some reason I am SUPER EXCITED about today's trade! I'm trading some of my precious vintage buttons for a handmade zipper pouch with Mrs Woo embroidered on! eeeeeeeeee!

  2. When I went to email the person I am doing a trade with I found another message in my inbox....SOMEONE WHO LOVES MY WORK AND WOULD LIKE TO FEATURE ME ON THEIR BLOG! "Would I be interested" she said...whaaaaaaaaaat? What do you think sister?!

  3. This week has been a bit up and down, rollercoastery if you will. We found out my visa application was approved, but then Mr Woo's father left to work abroad for six we've had lots of emotions going on in the family.
    But tonight Mr Woo is taking me to town to celebrate my visa! It has been such a hard and long process it doesn't seem real that this leg of the journey is finally over!
    We opened a bottle of champagne last night...but tonight we're gonna paint the town hot pink! I think I should have some sort of union jack accessory to celebrate my new status!
Today's letter is E - for Excited!

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