Saturday, 29 August 2009


Mr Woo and I sharing some birthday cake ♥.

David's birthday cake - made by me!

My wee lassie Poppy playing with auntie Heather!

I was a smug winner.

Dr. Nick Styles {he's single ladies!}

Pass the parcel was getting intense!

Pizza toppings bar.

Who would have thought that one birthday party for a grown up could take a full day {or two} to recover from! I was exhausted {and I might have had a little too much wine}!
There are some photos...I just have to wait on the people who took photos to post em so I can snatch them!

The night included:

  1. sweets bar {kind of an at home pic n mix}
  2. breadsticks, carrots and dippy dips.
  3. many bottles of wine and beers and one bottle of homemade raspberry brew.
  4. one two layer homemade carrot cake with cream cheese icing.
  5. THREE homemade pizzas & toppings bar.
  6. 1 glorious salad made by the lovely Heather Morris {i am still drooling over that salad}
  7. indoor picnic.
  8. one pooping and leaping hedgehog.
  9. one exciting game of pass the parcel - the coveted prize was the cd of Winnie the Pooh read by Alan Bennet.
  10. one heated debate about British children's programming of the 1980s.
I have a bunch of bananas that are waiting to be made into banana bread but I just can't face baking again as of yet. phew.
Our flat is slowing regaining order.
It was a GREAT party!

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